Saturday, 1 August 2009

some crazy thought


difference between jahnd-yankee() and 9ja

1. a movie comes out, u cant wait to go to d movies to see it.... as in u are eager u set reminders on your phone/pda/bb.

look at the posters and the commercials , you'll catch the story.. whats d point it'll have a part 2 anyway.

9ja is hot and yankee-jahnd is cold

yankee-jahnd: candle lit dinners are considered ROMANTIC
9ja: candle lit dinner are compulsory and WOEMANTIC and courtsey PHCH(PROBLEM HAS CHANGED NAME)

YANKEE-JAHND: u can pause a movie, rewind it and do whatever on sky plus

9ja..u dare not stand up from the chair, nepa!!!

y-jnd:u hear places like camberwell, princess road, great western street, crystal palace,london bridge,essex
9ja- oworoshoki, odongunyan, shibiri, etegbin, agindingbin, ajagbandi

y-jnd: iron ur clothes when u want to go out
9ja- iron your clothes one month before

some1 collapses on the road
yankee-jahnd : you can hear people screaming "oh my God, someone call an ambulance, call 911".. the next thing u know, everyone is on their mobiles calling

9ja:they stare, mopp, gaze and look at u.and say "heya". until it occurs to someone to dial 911 and when they do , u either hear
1. "all trunks are busy , pls try later"
2.. "sorry you have insufficient credit to make this call".
3 "the number you have dialled is switched off, pls try again later"
4 or the usual "ko wo le"signal

y-jd airports ; arrival hall all terminals u find whsmith,boots, superdrugs and a place to sit and surf..#
9ja : any place where u see people rushing preferably on the road is d arrival hall

from the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy girl. still crazy after all these years

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