Sunday, 19 July 2009


The beauty of my colour,
From the Aegean islands to the lands of Egypt
My colour radiates

My colour Is unparallel, incomparable,
My colour complements
Oh do I love this colour,

My colour dark, sooty, inky,
Swarty, clean , cure, pristine.
From the borders of Ethiopia
to the rivers of Zambezi
My color radiates

The congos to the Cameroon
From the valleys of the Mesopotamia
to the plateau of Libya,
The cities of Morocco,
From the town of Syria
My color beams

Just like the beautiful jasmine flower
The Gems of the mountain
The pearls of the ocean
Myrrh from the forest
Like the gold from the mine
My colour illuminates

I am blessed to have the colour that complements……..
My colour Is beautiful
And so I’m I ….

The beauty of my color
God’s best work of art ,still…….

My color glows……..
Face it…. I’m BLACK AND PROUD!!!!!

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