Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I am lost
I don't know where I am.
I was abducted in the middle of the night
Why ,I would never know

Wait do you know what it feels like to be forcefully taken away?

Think about it
I am going bonkers
My faith dwindles
The sun rises no more
Will I ever see it rise again? will i ever sit at chibok and watch as the sun sets every evening over the village?

I have been away
Away from the warmth and love of a mother
Away from the nods and stares of a father
Away from the mischievous grins and annoying tantrums of siblings.
Away from life
Away from Laughters
Away from hope

I am here,
A tool in the hands of the abductors
A tenant in a forest
Why was I taken?
Or am I paying for the sins of my ancestors?
AM i a victim of “circumstance” or some sort of collateral damage ?
Is this my new home?
Shall I adapt to this sort of life?
Will I ever be rescued?
Will I see the sunlight again?

I am cold
I am sick
I am weak
I miss my home
I want to go back home

I come from a poor home.
Who would listen to me?
Does my voice echo in your hearts?
Can you hear my screams from the forest?

I am in psychological bondage
,Held in Emotional captivity
Against my will
My hope threshold diminishes daily
I don't want to stay in the enclave of psychopaths.

Will I ever be rescued?
Who would rescue me?
Will I perish in this forest?
Has Heaven turned its back at me?
Should I give up and accept my fate?

I am a chibok girl and I have spent 100days in captivity

i am @madamedemadame

© still crazy 2014

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Once upon a peaceful town
Now,peace has eluded us.
Our daughters have been kidnapped

It is no longer morning
Our morning is dark
The dark clouds haven't moved away
There's no sunlight and the darkness wont go away

The grasses whithers
The blooming roses fades
Our daughters have been away..
Sarah's bed has been unslept in how many days?
Laraba's dress still dangles in the hanger.
Will she ever wear that dress.

Tabitha's birthday is in a few days
Her mother is a shadow of her former self.
Are we ever going to see our daughters?

Where are our daughters?
Where are the pride of our nation?
A mother's joy and a Father's pride they are.
Our beautiful girls
Our smile when we cry

Our hope when we despair
Our Lives
Our lights
Our happiness
innocent girls
Taken away from us

We are counting the days
Our daughters have been gone
Too long
So long
Our hope wanes
Our hearts are broken
We try to pray

We try to hope
Tears flow
we try to be strong
The warmth of our hearts have grown cold.
Our hearts are heavy,

Our burdens are heavy
Who will wipe our tears
Who ?
Life just seems unfair.

Our daughters
Our precious jewels.
Are we going to see them again?
Have they been raped?
Are they pregnant?
The pains of a mother...
Stop these silent tears
we have forgotten how to smile
We miss our daughters.

These tears...
Stop the tears.
Abba, Father
Please #bringbackourgirls.
i am @madamedemadame
(c) still crazy
(c) 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Every morning the Sun rises,
At eventide it sets,

I am here in captivity,
Held, taken captive against my will.
I am in danger,
I am afraid ,
I have been away from home for so long.

I miss my ma,(is she still alive? ),
or has her fine beautiful black hair gone grey overnight? ,
Has she suffered a heart attack? ,
again, i ask
is she still alive?.
Baba I hope he is in good health?
I hope he hasn't suffered a stroke..
My siblings,
My friends,
I hope the insurgents haven't killed everybody

Nigeria- are they praying for our safe return
Have they forgotten about us?.
Every night I pray.
Would I get out of this Alive?
Am i still alive?
I look at the other girls, lost, forgotten, desolate....
I don't even know what I look like anymore,
I have cried and tears flow no more
I have lost count of the days I've been here...
(days, months )
I have been battered
I have been bruised
I have been ridiculed
I have been shamed

What is my crime?
What is my sin?
Why am I still held against my will?
What happened?
Where did I go wrong?
Who did I wrong?

Every day I hope, and I pray
That one day I will be free
Free from the shackles and bondages of terrorism
From the stigma of this nightmare.
Free to have a right to education
One day I will be free
I would not be broken
I would keep the faith
One day, like a bird that's been in captivity for too long
I will fly away
I will be free

Whether the world remembers us or not,
I will hold the fort.
I will keep the faith
I will be strong
For myself, my spirit
For the other girls.
No, I will not break down

Tell my mother to be strong,
Tell my father to be a man,
They may have taken us physically,
They may torture us emotionally,
but we wont break.....
They won't break us spiritually and mentally.
For I know one day........

I am @madamedemadame

(c)still crazy after all these years. July 17 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014


so i wrote this note ON facebook a loooooooong time ago. 14 December 2009 at 13:53 to be precise. That was when i was still very sane. well, i am saner now sha * inserts halo *

They say the plural of a box is boxes? But the plural of ox is oxen not oxes>?

One is a goose, two are called geese But the plural of moose cant be meese? The plural of a mouse is a mice So why cant the plural of house of hice?

If the plural of a man is always called men Why cant the plural of pan be pen? Btw, pen has a definition.
One foot, two feet So shouldn’t boot be beet? or moot, meet? Or him cant be shim …

And tooth is to teeth so why cant booth be to beeth?

We say a brother and a brethren Why not a mother and methren or father and fethren ? glory , hallleluyah

Teachers taught and preachers praught? A vegetarian chops vegetable, a chickerian eats chicken and a humanitarian eats what ?

Writers write, drivers drive, but grocers cant groce?

They say HISTORY like HIS STORY abi so why cant the female version be HERSTORY

don't mention these free lessons.You are grateful... I am welcome .
Now, those of you that were pricing school fees, go back and collect your refund.. ME. i kukuma didnt finish creche till they expelled me

from d archives of the imagination of a crazee baybay..

still crazy after all these years

(c) still crazy
I am @madamedemadame