Tuesday, 6 October 2009

49 or 4 1 9

Nigeria is 49..im not impressed and im not celebrating , there’s nothing to celebrate.
Why should I celebrate
Asuu is on strike , the future of the Nigerian child is uncertain.
Education shouldn’t be for the select few and the privilege ones, it should be for everyone.
So what happens to those who cant afford private universities or send their children abroad to study?

And the mentality of companies asking for a degree before they employee you.. tell them I said they should visit developed countries. Experience matters not education. Wake up.

49 years after and most homes are running on generators (let there be light) , candles, lanterns, shakabula and atupa elepo. At what age?
Stress related death due to stress .
the rate at which d brakes of heavy duty vehicles fail on our roads killing innocent citizens and no one is doing anything about it.
The country is rich and blessed and yet the people suffer ,
Suffering in the midst of plenty .. suffering and smiling

Fuel is in abundance and we still queue at the fuel station,
Homeless people here and there and there is abundance of land
Child hawkers who should be in school but are selling on the streets
And Nigeria is 49? Really

At 49 and the essential basics are a far reach from the common man.

And we smile thru it (bless)
Fela was right suffering and smiling …..

Time to wake up, stop crawling and take the giant step.
At 49 .. grow up jare
Time to take responsiblities
Forget lost glory ….
For it is written ,
The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the lord of hosts. And in this place will I give peace.(haggai 2:9)

Don’t dwell on the past, that’s our problem.
Its time to move on and return back to God
If my people who are called by my name , shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways , then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and will heal their land (2 chronicles 7: 14)

Dear God,
If our leaders have erred and have turned away from you, forgive their foolish deeds and have mercy on your land. Remember not our iniquities and bless us. Amen ..

Me l like my country ,I love d land and people efrytin e dey for Nigeria make we join hands to make Nigeria better..

Monday, 5 October 2009

speed kills , remember your loved ones

Well, where do I begin this? Seriously people lets talk. The rate at which people are killed in road accidents in 9ja is alarming especially if its an accident that can be avoided. Some people if it doesn’t affect them directly, they don’t care. But one day na bushmeat go catch hunter.
I am sick of hearing someone got killed by a hit and run car. Or a trailer driver rammed into an okada and killed both passenger and rider. Shouldn’t it be a shame on the transport authorities if accidents like these keep on occurring on a daily basis to the shame of some people. If they can enforce some strict rules and adhere to this rules, chances are road accidents will reduce by at least 60%.
Tankers exploding on the highways and engulfing cars and lives can be avoildable , or is it trailers overturning and landing on cars. Shall I go on. And all the heavy duty vehicles always intimidate other road drivers with the way they drive. Who wants to be an experiment to the lunatics on the road? I remember a car sticker when I was younger it said “speed kills, remember your loved ones”. I strongly suggest every household should have one or better still they should dash out two each to every tanker and trailer drivers.
On a personal level, I always thought and still maintain that heavy duty freight vehicles should travel during the day and shouldn’t be on the same lane as normal vehicles. You all know the reasons. Asides the fact that I cant stand them one minute, it would be safer for us at the end of the day. Has any body seen the way they drive? My goodness, you will think they own the roads.
They drive like they are being pursued by the devil and the world is coming to an end. The lives that has been lost by the recklessness and lackadaisical attitudes on the part of the tanker/ trailer drivers is something to worry about.
Recently, a very young promising man who had just picked off his wife lost his life due to the recklessness on the part of the driver. I don’t get why on God’s green earth this lots tend to over take? And besides, if you want to over take shouldn’t you be on the left lane? Na wa oh.
How did they get their license? Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked….
How many lives will they take, reckless driving doesn’t speak well of a nations transport authority. Accidents are mishaps that can be avoided.

Over speeding isn’t cool. If the manufacturers of cars wanted you to over speed, there wouldn’t be BRAKES...

Heavy duty vehicles should be made to travel at night but never at rush hours. The drivers should be orientated and given proper training on how to drive on the roads. If at any time the driver breaks a highway code, the company involved should be fined heavily.
They should regularly service their vehicles and check the brakes, since that’s the problem they all have. They all assume they have a brake that is functioning properly and yet the pump it half an hour before they stop. What manner of madness Is this?
They should enforce high way codes and speed limits. They should be made to travel 60m/s or less and the places of no speed limit they can do what they want. However, if they want to kill themselves by all means do so, provided they die alone.
Everyone wants to leave home for work to return back HOME. Not land in some hospital or even the morgue.
But well since it hasn’t affected the officials of the authorities on a personal level, they probably don’t care. But one day o, bush meat go catch hunter and I do hope by then it won’t be too late.
I am hoping the ministry of transport will one day enforce these laws and save families from mourning unnecessarily. It is enough, stop making families mourn.

Over speeding kills
Remember your loved ones
Better be late than be the late!!!!!

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy baybay …
Still crasee after all these years