Tuesday, 25 November 2008

o blama!!!!!



The much anticipated US election has come and gone now I can finally rest. I know it was tension bound, nerve wrecking, finger chewing moment, but what ever will be will be. Some people switched channels others just couldn’t be bothered. I wanted to be part of History and watch the event as it unfolded live. I watched, looked and analysed people’s reaction. But I am so happy for Obama o.. YES WE CAN!!!!

Gosh I wish martin king was still alive to witness this , but as the good book says in Habakkuk 2: 3
“for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry wait for it; because it will surely come and not tarry”.

After Obama won some of the major cities and I saw the margin ,I knew he was in.
I turned in to bed at 3:40am, and then my phone rang at 4:25am telling me Obama won. yay way to go o
Some thing I realised was that the American election was never about color, it was more than that.
When the results were announced, there were tears of joy in Chicago (his home town). People were overwhelmed likes of Rev Jesse Jackson and Oprah were crying tears of joy.
The road may be long for Obama, he may not get there today, tomorrow, or this term ; but he will surely get there. Yes we can!!!

I’m glad I witnessed this in my life time…
Meanwhile, McCain says “we fought hard, the failure isn’t yours , but mine”

It looked like McCain was close to tears?

come to think of it, if hillary clinton had won the primaries and she had been the flag bearer for the democrats? if she had won this election she would have been the first female president and the trend would have been.. BUSH- CLINTON-BUSH- CLINTON. IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

but really , what do u think of this?
I am on my way to Chicago to be with the Obama family have lunch, cling champagne glasses. and hope to be in the white house on the 20th of january , God willing. right!!!

i only wish nigerians were more enthusiastic when it comes to our own politics?
and have they declared a public holiday for obama?

I hope McCain isn’t taking it too hard OOO
and finally, there IS a BLACKMAN in the WHITEHOUSE.. HIP ! HIP !! HIP!!! HOORAY. some people are asking for a BLACK QUEEN------ U WISH!!!!


While Obama has made history, and u r reading this and hoping this obama-bin presidentr frenzy dies down, I also have gone to make history

Yes we can!!!
Yes we will!!!
Yes we have!!!
God bless Obama
God bless Me
God bless us all

Saturday, 15 November 2008



I watched the channel 4 documentary on Nigerian children wu are branded witches, and I was silently praying and wishing my oyinbo friends will not see it but one did. I watched it and I was shocked. In this age and day people still practice such barbaric acts , gosh, it was depressing but I wanted to watch it to the very end.

Akwa ibom , cross river state was the focal point of the documentary of Nigerian children branded witches , where it was estimated that there were 2.3 million witches there. Which brings me to the question how many non witches are there?

There was a certain pastor who calls himself bishop boasted that he had killed over a hundred witches (souls of innocent children) , and he alleges that he can cure witchcraft with a special concotion of alcohol (African mecury) and his blood……..

gross, mega-gross

this bishop himself looked like someone in serious need of deliverance..
And also with about 400k (if I had that kind of money, that child can continue to be a witch). He could cure a child of witchcraft. But I thought witchcraft was spiritual.? Ignoramuses.!!!!!

I wonder how you define a witch? So when things do not go well for you and with you, the next thing to do Is to term a poor innocent child ?

One little girl had a 3inch nail on her head, another boy was set ablaze by his elder brother….

A certain woman who was widowed recently had to abandon her 2 children a ( 5 yr old and a 6 months old baby) reason , the 5 year old killed the father and has transferred the witchcraft to the baby sister.
So what brought about the whole scenario? it was about a certain preacher woman who obviously all her movies are about witches and has even gone ahead to write a book on how to identify witches. For example, when the child is crying at night and is running a fever….

And the people took a clue from that and started man-handling there children.
It was a depressing documentary that almost made me cry especially the case of the widowed woman whose girls were branded witches. The village took the 6 month old baby back, but refused to accept the other girl a 5yr old for crying out loud.

Is it child abuse or just plain ignorance?
Anyway , I am so glad the cross-river state govt passed a bill about it. Thankfully, some of the kids have re-united with their families, but others asre still being rejected.

more on this visit www.steppingstones.org
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