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I watched the channel 4 documentary on Nigerian children wu are branded witches, and I was silently praying and wishing my oyinbo friends will not see it but one did. I watched it and I was shocked. In this age and day people still practice such barbaric acts , gosh, it was depressing but I wanted to watch it to the very end.

Akwa ibom , cross river state was the focal point of the documentary of Nigerian children branded witches , where it was estimated that there were 2.3 million witches there. Which brings me to the question how many non witches are there?

There was a certain pastor who calls himself bishop boasted that he had killed over a hundred witches (souls of innocent children) , and he alleges that he can cure witchcraft with a special concotion of alcohol (African mecury) and his blood……..

gross, mega-gross

this bishop himself looked like someone in serious need of deliverance..
And also with about 400k (if I had that kind of money, that child can continue to be a witch). He could cure a child of witchcraft. But I thought witchcraft was spiritual.? Ignoramuses.!!!!!

I wonder how you define a witch? So when things do not go well for you and with you, the next thing to do Is to term a poor innocent child ?

One little girl had a 3inch nail on her head, another boy was set ablaze by his elder brother….

A certain woman who was widowed recently had to abandon her 2 children a ( 5 yr old and a 6 months old baby) reason , the 5 year old killed the father and has transferred the witchcraft to the baby sister.
So what brought about the whole scenario? it was about a certain preacher woman who obviously all her movies are about witches and has even gone ahead to write a book on how to identify witches. For example, when the child is crying at night and is running a fever….

And the people took a clue from that and started man-handling there children.
It was a depressing documentary that almost made me cry especially the case of the widowed woman whose girls were branded witches. The village took the 6 month old baby back, but refused to accept the other girl a 5yr old for crying out loud.

Is it child abuse or just plain ignorance?
Anyway , I am so glad the cross-river state govt passed a bill about it. Thankfully, some of the kids have re-united with their families, but others asre still being rejected.

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