Monday, 29 September 2008

narring much 2

remember my blog is the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe, some events are real others are as a result of my imaginative mind. If u think I am referring to u, then so be it.

Its been a long weekend and I have to get ready for school and work. And whatever event has been planned for me. Oh did I tell u I was a year younger last week though I didn’t do anything I appreciated the phone calls(even though I tried 2 sleep)
And text messages. I should have put my ringer on silent but I didn’t . reason, I didn’t want any body lying by telling me they called but I didn’t pick my calls.anyhoos, I suggest u check one of my notes on facebook for the list of blonkers .
I just had someone who came and spent d day with me and he was wonderful. We had barbeque and pasta and talked and laughed. It was alright.

Meanwhile, my nephew is going to be 10 on d 1st of October(independence day baby). His papa wants to throw party and I have to transport myself there whether I like it or not.. hmmmm, don’t u guys think I could use this opportunity to have a belated birthday bash, I’ll just chance the poor boy..
Will keep u posted on that one.
And the 1st also happens to be independence day extravaganza and miss/mr Nigeria peagant. Work or no work, uni or no uni , I am covering that event life and direct.. will keep u pips posted for the full gist.
I have a really busy week so apologies if I don’t give you the update of the events immediately.

Which brings me to it.. y do we have so many stupid people around us?????
Anyways, I haven’t been up to any mischief lately, but I’m sure u will have fun, and oh, happy independence Nigeria and Nigerians..

I am out

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nice piece