Thursday, 25 September 2008

norring much

Chie , my honeymoon don finish be that.. ewoooooo I wish I could hold back time oooo, I am back to geek mode again. Me wey I think say I go hibernate for a month longer, but as e be nau na school get me.

Bikonu, where d mumu we tink abt school, exams, dissertation and d rest.. I know say e for don die, but I go like kill am a second time..
I dey go read book again now, and I no too like am like that.. too much of everything isn’t good sebi?

I still wan do phd by his Grace next year, na 2 start appeal fund. Who get d no of that woman wey buy table for 10milla. She fit contribute 2 my cause..

I still get work to go o.. I like where I de work , but a change go better…
And I get plenty party this week after all they say “ariya o lo pin, ojo iku lo jo rest”.

Make una stay safe o until wen I remember say I get blog


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