Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Rodents inna da yar'

When I first read (read saw) on Facebook that Daddy Oyoyo will be working from home because Rodents and rats....
I was like  Eku te ke?

Then I was like

And I now read it 
Then I was like


How did Rats and Rodents congregate in Daddy Oyoyo's office and you people didn't know?
That means you people didn't clean the office for nearly a 100days?

See it is possible for Rats to congregate and set shop in your house. Very simples!!

Shebi these ones are eating furniture and air conditioning fittings?

The ones that chop tomatoes, garden eggs chop chemiron blood capsule nko? 

That one pain me. 

I had to go and look for rat poison, rat gum board and prayer points to join. These ones are devourers...

And I had plans for the garden eggs and tomatoes

You know they say " ai sin'le oloko lon mu eku Sako".( The absence of the farmer/hunter will make the rats do shakara)

Some people substitute ologbo (Cat) for oloko (hunter/farmer)

But these days, cats and rats are bonded by one kind of love that only those who cross carpet understand.

Me, I am in my house frying dodo.

Until when I remember I have a blog.

Happy to bye bye you people for now. 

Still crazy after all these years

(C) Iyalode ijeshashire

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Keto keto keto egg.

So this is egg+avocado pear fried together in coconut oil with grated mozzarella cheese. Garnished with bacon and sausages.  The point is the get my body into a state of ketosis.

But you see as I type this I am contemplating making Moimoi with my @wuranoire beans flour.  It is when I decide to go on a diet that temptation rears its head in my plan.

OK,  this is the main thing. This meal is actually filling. But I need to help me help myself get into a state of ketosis.
Let me go and pray this temptation away.

I think I need to sip on some green tea.

Chacha people.

Iyalode Ijeshashire. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

No topic

So I have not blogged in a very long time
Ema binu(don't vex).  I think it's the change in the air that caused it.

I just wanted to update blog today.
Let me go and look for topic to write on.

Iyalode Ijeshashire