Thursday, 17 July 2014


Every morning the Sun rises,
At eventide it sets,

I am here in captivity,
Held, taken captive against my will.
I am in danger,
I am afraid ,
I have been away from home for so long.

I miss my ma,(is she still alive? ),
or has her fine beautiful black hair gone grey overnight? ,
Has she suffered a heart attack? ,
again, i ask
is she still alive?.
Baba I hope he is in good health?
I hope he hasn't suffered a stroke..
My siblings,
My friends,
I hope the insurgents haven't killed everybody

Nigeria- are they praying for our safe return
Have they forgotten about us?.
Every night I pray.
Would I get out of this Alive?
Am i still alive?
I look at the other girls, lost, forgotten, desolate....
I don't even know what I look like anymore,
I have cried and tears flow no more
I have lost count of the days I've been here...
(days, months )
I have been battered
I have been bruised
I have been ridiculed
I have been shamed

What is my crime?
What is my sin?
Why am I still held against my will?
What happened?
Where did I go wrong?
Who did I wrong?

Every day I hope, and I pray
That one day I will be free
Free from the shackles and bondages of terrorism
From the stigma of this nightmare.
Free to have a right to education
One day I will be free
I would not be broken
I would keep the faith
One day, like a bird that's been in captivity for too long
I will fly away
I will be free

Whether the world remembers us or not,
I will hold the fort.
I will keep the faith
I will be strong
For myself, my spirit
For the other girls.
No, I will not break down

Tell my mother to be strong,
Tell my father to be a man,
They may have taken us physically,
They may torture us emotionally,
but we wont break.....
They won't break us spiritually and mentally.
For I know one day........

I am @madamedemadame

(c)still crazy after all these years. July 17 2014

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