Friday, 4 July 2014


so i wrote this note ON facebook a loooooooong time ago. 14 December 2009 at 13:53 to be precise. That was when i was still very sane. well, i am saner now sha * inserts halo *

They say the plural of a box is boxes? But the plural of ox is oxen not oxes>?

One is a goose, two are called geese But the plural of moose cant be meese? The plural of a mouse is a mice So why cant the plural of house of hice?

If the plural of a man is always called men Why cant the plural of pan be pen? Btw, pen has a definition.
One foot, two feet So shouldn’t boot be beet? or moot, meet? Or him cant be shim …

And tooth is to teeth so why cant booth be to beeth?

We say a brother and a brethren Why not a mother and methren or father and fethren ? glory , hallleluyah

Teachers taught and preachers praught? A vegetarian chops vegetable, a chickerian eats chicken and a humanitarian eats what ?

Writers write, drivers drive, but grocers cant groce?

They say HISTORY like HIS STORY abi so why cant the female version be HERSTORY

don't mention these free lessons.You are grateful... I am welcome .
Now, those of you that were pricing school fees, go back and collect your refund.. ME. i kukuma didnt finish creche till they expelled me

from d archives of the imagination of a crazee baybay..

still crazy after all these years

(c) still crazy
I am @madamedemadame

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The Priest said...

yeah still crazy
crazy in a good way though
nice one hun