Monday, 5 May 2014

Giants of History ( book review)

The book giants of history is written by Lateef Ibirigba a commissioner for strategy and information in the Lagos state government administration. It is a 322 paged book on the historians of our world, a hundred and fifty of them actually. And going through the list there are Some we know, some we thought we knew and forgot and some we just never heard about.

Me, I know that there are some historians I never ever heard of, and may never know if I didn't read the book?

You may wonder the significance of this book? It teaches history! For those of us who didn't study history in secondary school, this is just about ideal. For instance, Deborah Samson- who knows her? No she's not the Deborah in the Bible neither is she related to the biblical samson. She was the first woman soldier who lived between the years 1765-1827 oh and did I mention that she impersonated a man. I am sure you didn't know, I didn't know either until I got the book.

Who can guess the 1st prime minister of England? I would say this book should be introduced into the Junior secondary school curriculum 1-3!

The book should be divided into 3 segments, 1st segment should deal with junior secondary 1, 2nd segment- junior secondary2 and Junior Secondary 3 respectively. By the time students are done reading the book, they would have learnt so much about their history and at the same time gained knowledge some people have been deprived off.

This is a book I strongly recommend for every home and every school. And there should be some sort of inter school history competition among schools. At least for fun and at the same time education Oh, by the way, there is a pack of cards called the giants of history. You can play with your friends and family. Its like having fun and at the same time learning!!

Hopefully, when we are done reading the book you will be inspired to make changes in your immediate environment and the world at large.

And before i bounce, let me remind you guys that knowledge is power. and there is power in reading books especially books like these. go grab a copy

Did I mention that there is a game card called the game of giants. You should try and get hold on the pack of cards and play with your friends. Its not exactly the hold on, suspension, pick five, general market last card check up kinda card games, some one pick 5!!

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