Wednesday, 30 April 2014



Every morning they awake
And long for the rising of the sun.
Their world is turned upside down.
Their thoughts, oh so Topsy-turvy..
Their hope(s)
Their pride(s)
Their sources of happiness and a future .
Are no where to be found...
Their lives are just in a state of complete disarray!

The Mothers are lost..
The Fathers are helpless.
The siblings are confused..

The mother(s) cries day in day out...
The father(s) lost in thought..
Helpless they both are, The sun is not shining.
Their daughter(s) are missing!
They are lost,
No, they have been abducted.

Everymorning they wake up with hope twas but a bad dream,
Alas, tis not a dream

Reality sets in
Their daughters are not home
Wipe their tears,
Give them hope ,


Let them see the sun rise again...

Let them see their daughters again..
Hale Hearty and well
Make them smile,
Make them laugh again ,
Reunite them with their families.

They are their future..
They are our future...
They are your future…
The mothers will long to hug their daughters again!
The fathers will long to hold their princesses again!
Their siblings will still want to tickle their sisters again.
Their friends will still want to pinch them again.

Ximena (c) 2014
I am @madamedemadame
From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe...