Thursday, 10 April 2014


“Give a child a good sausage roll and watch him take over the world. “ PLATO 123BC

Dear makers of "sausage" "beef" roll in a sachet,
I shall make this letter as brief and “Guinness stout” as possible. Life is too short to write epistle and gospel over this matter. Moreover, when the sermon is too long the angels will fly away.

First of all , how market? shey business dey boom?
All praise to the Most high. Anyway, down to business, The caption on your wrap says " sausage” roll

The problem is when I open a wrap of "sausage" roll I expect to find original correct sausage but when I dissect the "crust" I don't see anything sausagey in it. Nor meaty, nor chewy.
Ok, wait let me guess , you will come up with the theory that the sausage will pass through some chemical process in order to prevent it from going bad abi?
But must it go through a process that will make the sausage roll taste like galvanized rubber that has gone through a horrid process of fractional distillation. ( when it is not crude oyeel)
. When will you rebase your product or are you waiting for your product to come and do GDP on you and rebase itself?
And if one makes the mistake of buying a stale one ehn...the Lord is your strength.... you will think you are chewing cardboard that they use sand paper to file.
sausage roll sha.
Thank you i rest my case jare.

From the archives of a mischievous imagination of a crazy babe Still crazy after all these years.. © 2014

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