Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I am lost
I don't know where I am.
I was abducted in the middle of the night
Why ,I would never know

Wait do you know what it feels like to be forcefully taken away?

Think about it
I am going bonkers
My faith dwindles
The sun rises no more
Will I ever see it rise again? will i ever sit at chibok and watch as the sun sets every evening over the village?

I have been away
Away from the warmth and love of a mother
Away from the nods and stares of a father
Away from the mischievous grins and annoying tantrums of siblings.
Away from life
Away from Laughters
Away from hope

I am here,
A tool in the hands of the abductors
A tenant in a forest
Why was I taken?
Or am I paying for the sins of my ancestors?
AM i a victim of “circumstance” or some sort of collateral damage ?
Is this my new home?
Shall I adapt to this sort of life?
Will I ever be rescued?
Will I see the sunlight again?

I am cold
I am sick
I am weak
I miss my home
I want to go back home

I come from a poor home.
Who would listen to me?
Does my voice echo in your hearts?
Can you hear my screams from the forest?

I am in psychological bondage
,Held in Emotional captivity
Against my will
My hope threshold diminishes daily
I don't want to stay in the enclave of psychopaths.

Will I ever be rescued?
Who would rescue me?
Will I perish in this forest?
Has Heaven turned its back at me?
Should I give up and accept my fate?

I am a chibok girl and I have spent 100days in captivity

i am @madamedemadame

© still crazy 2014

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Petite Diva said...

Nice write up. May God help those girls despite the nonsense efforts of our leaders. It is well...