Friday, 19 December 2014

once upon a wedding, twice upon the aso-ebi

Bear with me, my english is one kain. What expect you. I dropout from creche :(

Weddings. It is always a thing of joy when you hear people are getting married. You look forward to the cakes, decor at venues, bride's makeup and oh well, her train. And the ghen ghen ghen.

Gone are those days when brides had bridal train the distance from lagos to porto novo. For eggzampu!
Confetti ladies,
Ladies in waiting
Ladies in standing
Pink ladies
Ladies in purple
Aunties of the day
aunties by the coolers
uncles by the drink stand
Mothers of the day
Bleaching sisters of the day
Flower girls
Little bride etc..
Spinsters in purple
Gboko-gboko in yellow
Awon mogbo-moya in peaches
Now some don't even bother with trains.
Now it is the bRT way...

And the brides of those days with silver eye pencil, black brows and red oyeel lipstick. and otanjele.
And here comes the bride, or mother gaagoo’s protégé .
And the food.. If your guests don't eat at least twice, the ceremony wasn't it rara..
And let's go to the main aso-ebi.
Please, who started this trend?
From lace to ankara to aso-oke And all these aso-ebi's have categories oh!

And sometimes sef, buying the aso-ebi is a ticket to eating on that day Or not?
Shebi that's how I bought aso-ebi, got to reception on time, sat down where I thought they will serve us food. For wia, we ended up going home to eat noodles and washing it down with coke. Who would have thought that aso-ebi would betray me on that day?

And those with aso-ebi from seventee faf (75) tarzen naira and above , i hail oh. what gift are u attaching to that aso-ebi ? Better be ready to include generator as souvenir
that kind of aso-ebi must sha have superman's cape so i can fly anywhere... or white horse that can fly.
And if aso-ebi is btwn toofeety tarzeen to fafhondre tarzeen ( 250-500k) Your souvenir better be :
1: chariot of Elijah
2: staff of Moses
3: David's catapult or the stone used in killing Goliath
4: oh Gold from the streets of heaven

Or don't even bother at all..

But when it is time to buy my own aso-ebi, I don't want to hear that ATM has fever. By all means, break the machine and the bank. You must break the bank because of me..

For I am @madamedemadame from the archives of a mischievous imagination of a cray baybay.. (c) ximena 2014


Petite Diva said...

You are not serious o. Chariot of Elijah.....hahaha. Stop being lazy and post more often.


ximena said...

lol. yes ma, i will try and post 'more often'.
thank you for stopping by.