Thursday, 6 August 2009

who steal my bleaching?

Madam enhanced beauty


Well , well , well. Fela sang
‘who steal my bleaching? ‘

‘Danger ‘
‘My precious bleaching’
‘I buy am for market for #40.00’
‘I go die o ‘
‘I go quench.’

I’ve been cracking my brain days on end as to why people enhance their natural and God given body. Dark skinned, light skinned or “chocolate skinned”, God knew why he made you that. And those vital statics that gives the body of a sezzzzy goddess. Hmm and u want to enhance it.

Ok , you are dark skinned, no flaws, no blemishes, fine gurl all dimples no pimples and you to want to enhance (that sounds too posh, sorry) or bleach your skin. Apparently there are so many bleahing agents in the market and I don’t know any one so I cant help you here. And have you considered how expensive it is when you start to bleach thy burriful skin. Well, maybe you have the money. You can do better by donating the money to charity. So in the spirit of charity and also writing these in the same vein, I have decided to give you some tips free of charge and I hope after reading this, you will donate a substantial amount to my charity .
These are not temporary but permanent ways of enhancing your beauty and you don’t need to go under the knife ever again .
Sides effect have not be noticed and would likely be minimal if noticed. The only side effects my clients have complained of is “extreme happiness”

This should cost u less than £5 or 1K

Battery water
Sand paper

First mix the vim and water to make a paste, then apply to your body. Rub in circular motion (that makes blood flow evenly) and use the sandpaper to exfoliate. These removes the dead and dry skin .
Then rinse off the paste.

Next , apply the relaxer all over your body and leave on for 20mins, (the have that special glowing tanish effect lie under the sun for 20 mins)
Rinse with 15 litres of battery water and towel dry.
Apply any moisturizer

Look in the mirror and see the NEW YOU,
I am sure you will one day thank you.


gboukzi said...

LMaoooo! Smh. You're a case I swear. Smh.

Anonymous said...

I swear Iyalode, your clients would be so ecstatic to discover their new selves. BRAVO!