Sunday, 2 August 2009

light up nigeria

Light up Nigeria
Ok, I never ever ever thought I will write something or anything about nepa or phch, but here I am…

Nepa – never expect power again
Nep plc --- no electric power please light candle..
Phcn problem has changed name.

This organization over the years keeps on changing their names and also living up to expectation. I really don’t see the point that they should still be an issue, and for this reason they should be ashamed of themselves.

They have all the excuses you can think of:
In rainy seasons—too much water in the dam
In dry season---insufficient water ..
For real
Oh and that mysterious transformer gist..

This issue of no light is an embarrassment to the management of the organization, the minister of power of steel, energy or whatever portfolio he falls under.
So this issue where did it all go wrong. My mum said the problem with nepa started when the word AUTHORITY came it. Back in the days of ECN- electric Corporation of Nigeria, there was constant power supply and if by chance there would be any power outage they will announce it and tell you when there will be no electricity.

I have come to realise that this might just be political and also the power outage in Nigeria has also helped in boosting some countries economy and also a means of livelihood for some

It seems to me and I am sure I am not far from the truth that the importers of generators bride this buffoon-long mouthed-oni jekuje- ojukokoro officials to cut short the electricity supply making people resort to having at least 2 generators in their homes. It is sickening to say the least.
And to think generators are specifically built for Nigerians.
I have told mumsy to call nepa and tell them to come and remove their metre from her house.

And now every home in Nigeria has a generator , a let there by light in the least.
If only they would think about the health implications it has on people.
These days neighbours all tend to switch on their gens at the same time, this war of generators can most likely cause a hearing problem, inhaling the co can also cause cancer , high blood pressure and God knows what else,….
It is painfully annoying because we have invested so much money, time and resources in this sector and yet no head way…

It is especially annoying because most people engage in cook and go , i.e cooking every other day. If they cooked and shopped in bulk it would put extra cash on their tables and also help the eco-system. Lord knows how many times we have had to throw food away cos of this morons….

I am sick and tired of hearing we are running on generators or no light to charge my phone…
And oh laptop batteries,

And who remembers my “little conversation with nepa ??, im sure they will never forget me”

And it wont be a bad idea to sue this idiots for the loss of meat, fish, egusi, ewedu, pumping machine, laptop and also deliberate intention to harm our bodies heathwise..

If these idiots can sit down and get their acts together or just retire from inactive service and give room for other people who have better plans , I can say this EXPECT MOST OF US BACK HOME ON THE NEXT PLANE.

Little wonder a child’s first words are nor DADA OR MAMA but UP NEPA….…….


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