Saturday, 1 August 2009

how patriotic are you?

How patriotic are you
I often hear people say that they will lay their lives for their countries .. yeah right , you only hear that once and that’s when they are running for a political post..
would you guys lay down your lives? honest answers...

Examiner :So would you die for your country?
Me: ‘Me?’

E:‘Yes, you’!
M: ‘what country are we talking about here o ’?
E: ‘Your great country’

M: Wich one o, examiner?

E: ‘Your motherland’

M: ‘My mother has lands, which one?’
E:‘goodness, you know what I mean ’

M: ‘why should I die for my country, no why. To prove what nau?’

E: other’s gave their lives for this great country.
M: and so?

E: don’t u want to be in their shoes?
M: nope, we don’t wear the same size.

E: oh,
M: yup

E: erm, you are not being patriotic.
M: patro-gini?, patriotic na for book and classroom,.so dying for my country is an act of patriotism.?

E: I reckon ..
M: ehen,

E: so you wont lay down your life for your country?
M: when I am not mad..

E: that is sad?
M: will u lay down your life?

E: I will, I love my country
M: that is nice… when you die for your country ,your tombstone will read “herein lies a fellow who gave his life for this great country, he will be sadly missed, his legacies will live on ” they turn their backs there and a then, you are on your own, they forget u almost immediately

E: regardless, I will still lay my life.

M: well done o , you r interrupting my suya abeg. u get any thing to say ?

E: gosh, such an un patriotic citizen. If you cant lay your life for your country what can you do.?
M: i will help them bury you when u lay down your life (munchin my suya).

M: you get anoda question?
E: yes, what would you do if you are the president of your country?

M: now, u don dey talk sense..

To be continued
From the archives of a mischievous baybay

28th may 2009

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