Wednesday, 19 August 2009


The only thing that unites nigerians is football. And even at that they still fight during the match, especially if rival clubs are playing. When we realise how blessed we are, I am sure all this fightings will stop. I cant start counting all the ethnic wars in Nigeria , and I am sure they have a very good cause for it. of course they must. After all no one wants to be exploited and used and dumped like a piece of toilet paper. But there should be a way to resolve our differences. The day we stop seeing ourselves as ibo , Yoruba, hausa, Ibibio , kalabari, funtua, Fulani, kanuri, igbira, and some other 250 ethnic tribe, then that day we are on our way to being a GREATER NIGERIA. Who is paying me to talk? My conscience.

We are one. Why must there be a problem when a Yoruba girl wants to marry some one from outside her tribe. You hear her parents cussing and screaming over their dead bodies . jeeezzz. And then it becomes political in the name of power sharing. I love Nigeria , no lie . but sometimes, I just cant wait to start my own country.
So now, the issue tearing 9ja apart is the issue of abolishing western education in Nigeria because it has no place islam and for that reason my dear friends they have decided to kill, maim and destroy. What happened to onyeka onwenu’s one love keeping us together?
How long will this go on , I keep on asking myself. The tribal wars, religious unrest all in the name of stating a fact. And yeah, you stated the fact all right.
God has a purpose for making you who you are. Your tribe, creed isn’t a mistake, God knew perfectly well what he was doing when he made you who you are. I just hate it when we all recite the national anthem together especially the line
“one nation bound in freedom, PEACE & UNITY”.
What happened to the PEACE ?

When are we going to wake up and realise that the world is moving on and thinking about advancing in technology. When are we going to realise that conflict isn’t the answer to our problems, but a catalyst to the problem.

When are we going to realise that God put us there together for a purpose, and a purpose only. Love your neighbour as yourself. So invariably, if you go on killing , maiming one another, it goes to show that you do not actually love your self.
There are many ways to air your grievances and making sense. Killing one another can never be the solution. And may I remind you that you have no reason to take someone else’s life , especially since you didn’t create it.

When you become over whelmed with rage and kill people from a different belief as you and you realise you are fighting a lost cause. When you kill the neighbour who gave you a ride to work because your car wont start and you had an important meeting.
When you kill the very neighbour whom you borrowed salt from, and asked to baby sit your kids because you had to pick your wife from the office. The same neighbour that defended you when the world was against you. The same neighbour you rang in the middle of the night because your wife went into labour and you were too nervous to drive.

When you kill the same neighbour who has been a brother to you, and a confidant and then you realise it was an unrealistic, senseless,, stupid totally ridiculous killings that cant be done. And you wish you could take back the hands of time,……
Dear God I hope it isn’t too late …….


Colyns Agboju said...

you did it again sis. you are always on point with issues touching Nigeria. Wish you could right for a national newspaper in Nigeria where your opinion with reach lotta Nigerians.

Keep it coming...

Ajanah E. Enesi said...

Is this the ideal or the desire for the ephemereal? St. Hosama, I do appreciate ur insightful write-ups on Nigeria but I guess a few references will do you good. I'm currently looking for some of Awolowo's notes and essays. It'll help put a lot of things in perspectives - that a former statesman of this nation wrote predictably on what Nigeria will turn out to be in years to come if certain things are not vigorously pursued to come to pass is an unfortunate situation. Like Colyns said, do write for one of the dailies, pls.

Theresa said...

will be back