Sunday, 2 August 2009

potentials ,what lies within you

There is always something so unique about everybody, I know because I am unique and I dared to be different and stand out from the crowd. I refuse to follow the trend but instead I chose to start a trend because I am a pace-setter because I discovered WHAT LIES WITHIN ME (so many of them).

God in his abundance has endowed us with gifts that we are yet to discover.
We often look at others and marvel, ‘oh, he is this, she is that and you are not’. But do u realise that God has deposited exactly the same thing in them as he has in you. Or maybe he has even deposited more in you.

That which lies within you when discovered brings out the genius in you and makes you stand out

I’m sure you must be wondering what or if you have something within you.
Of course every human born of a woman or whatever specie has something in them. No one was born empty, but we all remain empty because we refuse to discover what lies within us. The only way we can discover our potentials is by sitting down and having a thorough analysis about ourselves.

After that write down what you think might be your potentials; these can range from singing, dancing, praying, writing, events co-coordinator or even artistic skills.

Until we discover our hidden and God given potentials (WHAT LIES WITHIN YOU) we can’t maximize our potentials. And by maximizing our potentials either by (in) directly helping someone we somewhat become a role model and also help others to discover themselves.

I know there is something there about you that you are yet to discover, something that makes you, YOU. Something unique and makes others want to be like you, something that draws people to you.
And remember, that little thing that you probably consider as nothing might be the best if not the greatest potential you have.

Why don’t u search yourself this minute, discover the real you today, and when you do I am sure people around you will be lucky to have a unique person like you.

Discover your hidden ability now

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe
Still crazy after all these years

special agent Hosama-obama

Copyright @FXD08

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Colyns Agboju said...

this is a masterpiece Ms. Hosama - Obama. Discovering oneself is a divine duty. it's either we discover ourselves or we live in penury.

Keep the pen hot.