Monday, 3 August 2009

light up nigeria 2

PROBLEM HAS CHANGED NAME. AGAIN.. these people should pay me o..
Every one in 9ja now runs on generator and I never make it a point of duty to ask if there is light, but i foolishly ASKED my mum and she asked me in no uncertain terms “WHAT IS THAT ?
And oh yeah, did you guys know nepa offices now have generators?

I remember learning that the life expectancy of Nigerians is now in the range of 40s. why is that so? So our fore fathers lived up to a century or very close to one. The rate at which young , amiable and promising individuals are passing away is alarming and shocking and all of these deaths are stress related, which I know can very much be avoided.

Take for instance, a young fellow who wakes up at 4am or 4.30am in the morning, out of his house at 6am and in work at half past seven depending on the traffic. He or she has a massive work load on his desk, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend. Has a quarter of an hour break, and sometimes misses it. Closes work at 6 or 7 but decides to wait behind at work to avoid the traffic on the road. If he has a car , im sure he is lucky. Otherwise, he has to jump buses and risk the fear of’ one chance’. He expects to come home to a serene and peaceful athmosphere when he comes home at half past ten or eleven o’clock . instead phcn gives him the DEFAULT WELCOME and he oh well, he’s probably too tired to turn his gen on (especially if its d one you pull ) and decides to have a shower, have a quick grub and go to bed, afterall, he has a long day again tomorrow. Just as he is changing into gear 4, when suddenly from no where a long , resounding, annoying, depressing noise springs up , his heart skips a beat. Was that an earthquake? No its his neighbours generator on at 2.30am in the morning because their 3day old baby already has a rash.

He tosses and turns and curses and swears while sweating and the mosquitoes are keeping him company. Before he knows it. Its 4 a.m and his alarm has gone off.

The dude repeats the same process day he day out, till he succumbs and suddenly collapses and dies. Post Mortem says stress related , I say phcn stress related.

Lets face the truth, this happens and will continue to happen until something is done.

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Colyns Agboju said...

i started on FB and finished on your blog. True talk Phunkkhe. I believe the lives NEPA or PHCN takes everyday in Nigeria is more than the one by poverty. I dare say the inspiration they block with their consistent blackout is enough to change the country.

God dey