Monday, 10 August 2009

A letter to my killers

A letter to my killers
Ah , you
You walked with me in the meadows
Tried and tried to be faster than my shadow
We laughed and talked together
And then I turned back and you pulled the trigger.
Time stood still.

You cut short my life,
An exemplary life cut short by you,
Alas I am going home, home sweet home
I am laid to rest
But you my killer

Now behold people gathered at my graveside,
Not to mourn but celebrate,
But you , my killer, abounds, abides with my mourners,
I look at you and laugh..
Ha ha ha ha

Enjoy now for I shall come for you,
Sooner than you least expect,
Very soon , you shall lay beside me,
Alone, six feet under,

Few eulogies read at your funeral,
Abandoned soon after
Ha ha ha , my killer weep no more,
For I shall have my revenge

This piece is dedicated to those who have lost their lives Unnaturally.


Colyns Agboju said...

I love these one. No one takes someone's life, physically or mentally should be allowed to enjoy his life...

Keep it coming.

crazychic said...

thanks colyns. my sentiments exactly. shall keep em coming