Friday, 2 July 2010

oh dear what a calamity !!!

naija sha

Here i was oh starring at my laptop and wondering what to write on, since obviously i wasn’t going to give myself the luxury of writing about the world cup, not now and not after independence...
I don’t see anything wrong in associating with the winning side, but when it becomes extreme, it just tends to be hypocritical

Ghana - Uruguay match has come and gone and logging on to facebook what greets me. Information overload; the hype—again

The same hype that greeted me the day Barack Obama became president, the same hype that clouded my screen when MJ passed on. And now,
every Nigerian i know on fib well, most of them ... i may be a bit generic here but every one has suddenly become Ghanaians and Ghanaians, just like that..

I give it to Ghana they played well as did England and Brazil!!!!

And now the what ifs

So what if Ghana had lost in the first round, i am sure insults will be flying left right and centre....

But the super eagles lost -- yeah that i consider typical or were you guys expecting some sort of football miracle, when they keep on recycling the same people, world cup in world cup out... oh purleease people it’s like garbage in, garbage out

So what if
Super eagles did crash out in the quarter finals, they will still be termed incompetent

And Ghana had lost out: what if Ghana and Nigeria met in the finals ----???
Where would your allegiance lie????

When good luck became president, everyone became good luck…… typical
I was just wondering oh, how many people will change their nationality to Ghana and re-christen themselves osei, yaw, ababio, nana, afua, akor, trakasau, akua before the end of today.

i get the fact that everyone wants to be associated with success and like they say success has many brothers, failure is an orphan-- but isnt it necessary to also give a word of encouragement to the orphans like the super eagles.....

while most people drown and bask in the sorrow of the game , and yeah i am a football fan,life goes on .

i only wonder what information overload i am gonna get next week :-|

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