Tuesday, 6 July 2010

is nigeria really 50 ??

ah ximena herald is back .. yaaaah and i write to the president even though i am 50 percent certain he may not read this..
oh dia ---

You were called GOODLUCK for reasons known only to your family. Like they say what is in a name, a lot I must say. The name GOODLUCK speaks for itself, GOOD and LUCK and I am certain the name also carries with it the same power as the name Jonathan.
Well, fate has it that in 2010 that you will be the president of the country, would you have known? I bet your crystal ball would not have told you the specials God had planned for you

Ok, let me get to the issue at hand. Cyberspace rumour has it that ***whispering *** N16.4billion has been set aside for the anniversary celebration. Agreed that we can only be 50 once, yeah the much awaited golden jubilee is finally here or is nearly here. However, I must buttress that there is no point wasting such a huge amount of money on flamboyant pomp and pageantry for a celebration that wouldn’t last a week. Such is vanity
Oh vanity…
Spending 16.4 billion naira for a celebration that would last a week or less, invited guests will eat clean mouth and waka and the country will be in debt

No fireworks on the 4th of July because of budget cuts
I quite understand the fact that the world wants to rejoice with us, but lets look at the economic climate here and I must say that money is too much to spend on any celebration.

Let’s assume for the duration of the note that I am in custody of the said amount, I will not bother celebrating when most if not all of the citizenry suffers silently. One in three Nigerian family lives below poverty line
There are other ways to celebrate with Nigeria and spend the money; at least every family will be affected by this gesture DIRECTLY.

From 16.4 billion naira pay up the pensioners. Give them bonuses, pay interest on the back log of unpaid pensions, they have served the nation and it’s high time the nation repays the toils of their youth. Try and pay in advance, balance and arrears. These senior citizens will be more than happy to include you in their prayer points until the Lord tarries.

There are a lot of intelligent students who do not have a means of survival and livelihood and for reasons known to you and I cannot pay their way through schools and have to drop out some where down the road to success, your administration can provide bursaries, scholarships, grants and loans what ever you can do to enable them complete their education and contribute to the nation.

For the graduates who haven’t gained a reasonable employment after graduation, create jobs build conglomerates, build factories something they can do and love. The resources are there to generate income for these graduates and drastically reduce the level of unemployment.

The police force funny as it may sound should be over-hauled, recycled and rehabilitated. I think its high time we upped our games and be placed in the category of the metropolitan police in the U.K. (smiles)
Give them better packages, hazard pays, death benefits, and good remuneration package. And proper training on how to handle a gun. We don’t want to hear stories of stray bullets flying like ripe mangoes falling out of a tree. Before I forget forensic department, a CSI department in the LAS GIDI POLICE DEPARTMENT

Build cancer research centres at least ten in a country so at least people can at least travel tri state without having to travel far and abroad.
Re-equip hospitals, let their be a local health centre in every local government, ok lets make it two instead that should cover the plague of “over-crowding” in the receptions.

And how can I ever forget, the major strain in the back bone of every Nigerian both at home and abroad – NEPA/PHCN /PROBLEM HAS CHANGED NAME/PLS HOLD CANDLE NOW usually called the children of darkness. Fifty years after we still fight the principalities and powers called P.H.C.N and now just suffer an occasional black out but an incessant and perpetual power outage.
little wonders a child’s first words are “up nepa”

The truth is I did include nepa in my prayer point, but I stopped they have just refused to change, especially after hearing excuses like it was too sunny , less water in the dam, it rained heavily, etc etc.

We have burnt candles. Lit lanterns, halogen lamps, shakabula, mobile phones but the problems still persist. That goes to show that candles and fuels cannot wade off the evil that loves darkness.

However, we can try generating electricity by using renewable energy, waste products, etc. that should generate some thousands of megawatts at least. Oh yes, I think you should re christen them G-power you know like Good luck power- they just might bring good luck to you and I.

Let’s do something that every Nigerian alive, dead and unborn will appreciate...

I will stop here for now… as it is customary with me I always have a part 2, this time its information technology, education and the roads.
I am hibernating to write part 2 but remember
to make akara you have first got to grind the beans

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pheyeekemmy said...

Nice article...I guess now, President Jonathan can actually read this.
There are too many issues to be resolved and too many voices, but very few actions taken, it's just a pity.
Can't wait for the other part :)