Wednesday, 28 July 2010

is there still hope--??

Ximena is angry – VERY angry

I remember back then Nigeria was termed the giant of Africa one would have thought they were gonna metamorphose from a giant to a mega giant as would any biological specie and term growth and development …..

For every individual that attains any golden jubilee be it a wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration or even a call to bar, there usually is a call for celebration. But in rare cases where they are ill or too “disheartened to celebrate it is usually low keyed.. A show of gratitude.

Nigerians have complained for too long, matter of fact we’ve been complaining since I was a foetus, and we are still complaining donkey years and time o’clock after.

Fast forward to 2010 and Nigeria celebrates her 50th independence anniversary - but I ask myself do we have any thing to celebrate and the answer is YES, yes we must celebrate. Celebrate the fact that collectively as a nation we have failed not just ourselves but the world.

Waking up to discover that the budget for the owanbe had suddenly received some special anointing and grew from what ever billion to 17 billion naira.. WTH!!!! ????
17 billion for a celebration when all is not well??? So, someone please tell me how much would they have budgeted for the jamboree if every thing was in order and we had every thing at our disposal?

I quite get the drift that we want to celebrate in style but before we celebrate should we not ask ourselves these questions

How many Nigerians eat 3 square meal a day?
How many Nigerians own at least a car?
How many civil servants actually live on their salaries in a month, without resorting to borrowing mid month?
How many Nigerians have not asked for salary advance?
How many Nigerians have access to the basics, i.e? Water, electricity?
How many Nigerians have a proper roof over their heads?
How many Nigerians are unemployed?
How many Nigerians do not have access to Medicare or even first aid?
How many Nigerians are dying for lack of medical facilities?
How many pensioners have you seen begging on the streets?
How many Nigerians are dying of easily preventable diseases?
How many Nigerians are unable to continue their education as a result of funding?
How many Nigerians are suffering and smiling and saying “e go better “or “God will intervene in his time”
How many Nigerians silently suffer

Did I miss the memo or something? Am I the only one who thinks that 17 billion naira is a waste of money and an insult to me, but if channelled into the appropriate resources could gradually put us back on the map where we belong? It seems to me that spending such a huge amount on a celebration doesn’t make an iota of sense, 17 billion – it’s like the new memory verse for the year.

if any one so desperately wants to have an independence celebration – hold a special inter denominational service and pray for the country. The other option is to gather your friends and well wishers offer them pop corn and Schweppes and watch NTA NETWORK SERVICE (assuming the mighty nepa co-operates).

Do I not have every right to be angry and give up when they want to spend so much, but the citizens live on so less?

I ask myself that all our leaders do they have the fear of God in them.
Have we allowed evil to thrive in the land for so long those we now thing that evil has become good?

The book of proverbs chapter 29 verse 2 (the Jerusalem bible version) says

Is this the time for righteous men of God to arise?
Is it time for God to arise and let his enemies be scattered? (Psalm 68:1)

If they still want to go ahead and blow money over nothing, then they can be my guest. Like the saying goes “ he who goes a-borrowing , goes a-sorrowing”

Is there a ray of hope for the poor, the aged, the orphans, the unemployed , the widows and the less fortunate?

Are we still waiting for God to come down and deliver us ? .Or perhaps it is time for us to turn from our wicked ways and seek the face of the Lord truthfully as quoted in 2nd chronicles 7:14
then my people who are bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, I MYSELF WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN and forgive their sins and RESTORE THEIR LAND!!!”

Still crazy and vexing

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Bomi said...

*Sigh*. I tire...honestly... makes me so mad, I keep hearing all these crazy numbers, 17 billion for owambe, another insane number for travel allowances, senators giving out blackberries at parties... I tire...

Hard to believe this madness can actually exist.