Monday, 12 July 2010


History was made when Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States in 2009. History was made again in 2010 when the republic of South Africa hosted the world cup. The very first time on African soil and I must saw a lot of Africans connected to this.
History was made again when the Spaniard warriors and the orange boys met in the finals of the world cup. The first of its kind on African soil. The very first time the Spaniards will get to the final and I think (I stand corrected) a third of the orange boys. Either way, if either of them had won it would have been the very first time the team would win the world cup. And also the first European team to win the tournament on African soil.

The custodians of the competitions, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, England, and Uruguay vanished like melted butter. How the mighty are truly fallen. I am sure most people would think that Spain would not qualify for the next round and perhaps the Germany machines might be the world champion.

But the spirit of first time had some thing in store for us,

And then came octadamus. The psychic octopus that kept on predicting correctly. Was it a true prediction, or was it psychology?
Was it remotely possible that both teams believed the octopus? Could it be that Holland gave up and just decided to play the match knowing fully well that Spain was going to win? Or did the Spanish team put in the best team work, determination and enough agility to make their country proud. After all it was their first time to reach the finals.
Whatever the case, octadamus acted as a catalyst and also made history as the first octopus to predict a winning team
There really is always a first time for every thing.

And then the first goal, the only goal that saw Spain become the world champions for the first time ever. And they remain champions for the next four years.
I hope the octopus would predict correctly the next country to host the world cup so I can book my flight ticket in advance. Who knows I might get 95% off.
There is always a first time, remember?

And then came the referee who came with a Ghana must go bag full of yellow cards, the way he was issuing it out like a wedding invite was alarming.

If you dare blink, you get a yellow card. Any attempt at a free kick automatically guarantees you a yellow card. But, I wonder why the karate kick deserved a yellow card instead of a red?

Perhaps, if the linesmen and the commentators had brought to his attention that the player deserved a red card, he probably would have issued every one in the stadium a yellow card. Hey, he had a bag full of it; it would be enough to go round.

It would have been funny if he had given all the players a yellow card. It would be the first time in history the players of both teams would be booked
Sweet history

If MTN knows the main-de-main they will employ the referee to be ambassador seeing as he likes the colour yellow

Seeing that clearly octadamus had predicted and it has come to pass and as we approach 2011, it is only imperative the consult the oracle on who might likely win after the first attempt or even the third attempt and put the rest finally the issue of zoning and zombieing.

I wouldn’t sign out without giving kudos to RSA for a job well done. Did any one see the beautiful view of the stadium, or was I the only one that saw the glorious sun set. It was truly awesome. That was a job well done and I hope other African countries might learn some event planning skills from this tournament


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LOL! Nice one..."And then came the referee who came with a Ghana must go bag full of yellow cards.." cracked me up.

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LOL.... I'm totally with Hexy...that cracked me up too=)! lol..

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