Thursday, 3 June 2010


Everywhere I look and all I see is discrimination. Left, right, centre, up, down its all discrimination. First they came with a way of low self esteem racial discrimination, black, white, Hispanic, Caucasian, self tan, sun burnt. Thank God for the salvation through Jesus Christ.

Looking around me I realised that racism isn’t the only ism we have in our world today, there are so many and it all affects all both directly and indirectly. The issue of gender discrimination is as old as time itself, but thankfully the world has woken up and seen that the price of fuel has gone up and the sexist of old are like archaeological artefacts, buried in the relics of the lost age.

Educational discrimination. This is broad as it involves all aspects of education. When looking for an employment, employers tend to pick those who may have a better education than other candidates but may be less qualified for the job. It also spans to what university the candidate graduated from, the level of degree, and sometimes, they never consider those who went to polytechnics and technical colleges have more in-depth and practical hands on skills. But no, the employers of made in Nigeria do not put this into consideration

And now there is FOODISM
Discrimination against food!!! Yes, and I do not mean the vegans, vegetarians alone oh,
Go into a store and you see labels of foods and fruits ranging from class A, class B, class C. even banana’s are either from Costa Rica or panama.
Seedless breads, bagels with sesame seeds, white bread, brown bread, white rice, brown rice.
If I want to eat bread with seeds or nuts, I will simply go and buy bread and groundnut!!
And oh yes they have the organic rice, beans and oranges from Kenya. Organic ke??? So that means we have a lot of inorganic foods in the world today. Looks like apples indeed are the forbidden fruits.

And now they have free range eggs. or shall I say egg is egg whether bond or free

So when you see that chicken , goat and cow roaming the street think FREE RANGE!!!!!

The next thing we will know is that maisuya will come with his own suism (discrimination against suya)
Free range suya
Organic suya
New age suya
Like someone rightly said suya Na suya all Na from the same cow

Tomorrow it may be ximeanism
I might come in free range or normal

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe
Still crazyafteralltheseyears

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Bomi Jolly - JollyNotes said...

LOL!! Especially @ "Suism" lol..