Monday, 18 January 2010


Behold my brethren sixty days ago, begineth I a journey upon the mountains to obtaineth for thee a constitution/ agenda that will benefit us all.

Wherefore upon the mountain I geteth this agenda after I tarried so long here. After I cometh down from the mountain, I proceedeth forthwith to the land of the Mediterranean and renewed my spirit and rekindle bilateral relationships with the nation.

Wherein I journeyed back to the land of my fathers to give to you all citizens of the republic of zanuidesodwaawuu.
To my faithful and loyal backyard cabinet members, we shall all drink and be merry. And as I have returned you thee in one piece, I declare three days of celebration. Proceedeth there fore on the next Wednesday to my palace and celebrate.

In the spirit of mountainship and being a president that sends directives from her bb
I have come down with the constitution that is legal and binding to all and sundry. This constitution is supreme and super cedes all other constitution.

I beseech thee to comment on this note…

As I dey mountains for sixty days and I fit go there again if una wahala wan plenty for me.

1. Any idiot/farouk that contests this constitution shall be mutallabed
2. I decide where and when I want to travel
3 I decide who I want to tell and I decide the media house I will grant an interview.

4 Any one that tries or makes an attempt to impeach me shall forfeit all his/her properties

5 As the custodian and upholder of the law, I am the only one entitled to houses abroad. Any member of my cabinet, who owns even a studio flat overseas, will face a jail term of sixteen moons and ten eke days.

6 I reserve the right to travel at any time and send directives from my blackberry

7 I operate on a government that is accountable and transparent and shall in no way or forms accept bribes in form of cash, houses, cars or whatever. However, I can accept all these gifts under the guise of “re election” as most of you are aware that re election is round the corner

8 If you are appointed minister of justice, get a gown, a gavel and go to the court house.

8a All ministers must adhere strictly to the position accorded them. I shall not tolerate in my cabinet a minister running his/her mouth like the barbeach.
Failure to comply, severe consequences,

9 No minister shall visit any country while I am away.
If you have a problem with this agenda and would like to contest it, I suggest thou visitesth the mountain, get your own agenda and form your own country

Her Excellency

L.B engr senator presido Madame de Madame (special agent hosama-obama) fs, pss, etc, etc. aso asf

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