Friday, 8 January 2010

the land called anything can happen

Once upon a time in a land called” ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN”
The people of the land were peace loving people; they could walk into their neighbour’s houses and borrow a tuber of yam. They lived peacefully, until one day they woke up and every thing was chaotic. There ruler had died, the gods had called him home just before sunrise.

The town crier had gone round to the village square to announce the passing of their ruler. The women who were just returning from the stream, screamed and screamed,
The men were too numb to utter a word. It was impossible, the king cannot be dead, how be it so? That land was never the same; they never did have a king like that again. The king who visited his subjects if they took ill or where involved in a hunting accident. He wasn’t just their leader he was their father and a friend and now he was gone to be with his ancestors.

The chiefs quickly called for an emergency meeting in a secret location
‘We are all saddened by what has happened to us, what great tragedy has befallen us’ lamented of the chiefs.

‘It is truly sad indeed, but we must make preparations for his burial’ replied the left hand chief and also select a leader immediately
“You are very correct” muttered the chiefs in unison.
But first we must consult the oracle to know whom the gods have chosen.

One day the king decided to go on a journey

‘Where is our king?’ the villagers demanded
“He went to visit the king in the neighbouring village” replied one of the chiefs
“Why would he just leave in a hurry, when he has to be here when the festival commences in three days .”

“He will be back by sunset tomorrow” replied the elder with a big mouth
“Lets hope so, because our king cannot be absent from this festival oh” replied one of the villagers

When he didn’t return on the said day, the villagers knew something was amiss. Did he go to fight a war? Or has he been eaten by wild animals? Has he been kidnapped? Random questions flooded the minds of the villagers, he travelled with his guards, but they were utterly useless bunch those two.

the king returned on the morning of the festival and the village rejoiced but demanded to know where he had been and why he would leave his subjects alone without a reasonable explanation?

The king apologised and said he was averting war between two villages.
Every thing returned to normal.
A few moons after, the villagers woke up to realise their king had left.
Ohs and ahs flew every where. “Where could he have gone”? Demanded the village drunk
“Erm, he went to visit the king about sixteen villages from here, he will be back soon” replied the elder with the big mouth.
“How soon is soon?” asked a villager
“He went to congratulate the new king of that town and would be back before the end of the week”
“ummm , I am just saying he had things to put in order before embarking on this journey”

Seven Sundays later the ruler hadn’t returned, and the villagers demanded that the next in line to the king be made the interim leader until the king returned. A group of chiefs agreed, but some refused and insisted on waiting for the king.

“We can’t be this long without a ruler” screamed the leader of the angry youth

“We can’t just elect a leader like that, we have to follow protocols” replied the fat chief

“We need a leader, a village without a leader is opening its doors to anarchy...” replied a youth.

“Shut up, what do you know” asked the big mouthed chief.

“Enough, sir to know that a land as blessed as ours without a leader in this present time will be a laughing stock to other villages” responded the leader of the youth.
“don’t speak to your elders like that , young man” responded one of the chiefs

“ah now I know you are hiding something, tomorrow , we shall embark on a journey to visit the village where our leader is!!” said one of the youths
“hear ! hear !! hear!!” they all chorused and left the elders
“all we are saying …….”

from the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazybabe

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