Sunday, 31 January 2010


The lost love
Once the citizens of this country were law abiding, love thy neighbour dove type. But today it’s all gone with the wind… whoosh...
The recent killings in jos has just confirmed that we no longer love one another. How can you explain the senseless mayhem that has left families in mourning, wives as widows, husband as widowers and even children as orphans. A catastrophe that wasn’t even their fault. An argument that could have been averted or prevented from escalating into a full blown religious war, and that my people is what I call internal terrorism

Sometimes I wonder how they do it, how would u attack someone you see and speak to literally everyday. It’s unbelievable; the same neighbour who is your closest relative has become your sworn enemy because your opinion about an issue is different. So what, we all agree to disagree but at the end of the day we reach a consensus that will benefit both parties. Jeez, what ever happened to diplomacy? Now, its “if you talk rubbish, I go shuck you”

For how long can we preach peace?

Too long have I lived among people who hate peace, who when I propose peace are all for war (psalm 120: 6-7)

Now if I jokingly call my delta neighbour “kolo” I may unknowingly start a series of inter tribal war.
I see inter tribal wars, religious crises as a man made disaster, let us pause here and move to the other side of the globe
Own tragedy wasn’t as a result of their own doing (even though a certain man of God said they are paying for having a pact with the devil some 200 moons ago.. God calls people to repentance and never destroys his own) and suffered a fate that befell hundreds of thousands of Haitians. If only Nigerian will step out side their comfort zones and put themselves in the position of Haiti, would we then have the strength to stab and start a religious war when nature might pay us a surprise visit.


We really should be thankful for the geographical location God has placed us.
He has blessed us with every thing we need and yet we still misbehave. If we all remember the parable of the sower, we haven’t sowed any of the resources God gave to us, should he not have taken it from us? But, nay, God loves us so much he is willing to give us chance after chances. And yet in our gratitude to God, we kill, destroy and maim the works of his creation.

Isn’t it about time we sorted our differences out? If not for us but for the sake of our unborn generation...

and remember while you are busy fighting over lands, burning down houses remember there are so many people who are homeless and starving and would do just about anything to have a room to lay their heads for the night....

When we start fighting over issues like these, how do we defend or stand up for one another when an external force attacks us
I wont even ask the obvious, but what d heck , with these mayhems here and there, does it mean that our lives and properties are not secured at any point in time…. ?

What ever happened to the phrase?
one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity?

Can we make Nigeria not just a nation but our home?
then if my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, I myself will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their land. Now and for the future my eyes are open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is offered in this place.

A now a prayer for Nigeria

Thus says Yahweh:
At the favourable time I will answer you,
On the day of salvation I will help you,
I will restore your land and assign you the estates that lie waste

That said and done, my “normal” write-ups resumes effective immediately.
From the archives of mischievous imagination of a crasee baybay..

Still crazy after all these years
President of the republic of zanuidesodwaawuu

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