Friday, 8 January 2010

Charity begins at home (random musings/rantings of a crazy babe)

Charity begins at home (random musings/rantings of a crazy babe)

Charity they say begins at home so the saying goes…
But when charity begins abroad, how do you quantify them.

Check out the universities abroad, 3/4 of international students are Nigerians. If the government can think of how much money is being poured into the revenue of these countries, they would over haul and spiritually cleanse the educational system or take the minister of education for some special prayer sessions.

Pot holes and devils trap every where. The major roads are a big disgrace but the roads to your houses run smoothly that I could practice my dancing on the road skills on, and on that same dilapidated road some one lost a breadwinner...
The last time I travelled on a road like this I had to pinch myself just to confirm if I was in a bus or had gone for ACUPUNCTURE.

Government hospitals are usually top class and renowned specialists are always found there, alas, your government hospital has nothing but a chair and a desk for the receptionist, a bench for the patients on a first come, first sit basis. And when a patient has been ill for a while, running helter skelter from one test to another, trying to diagnose malaria when the patient just has a cold. Or the patient has cancer and you do not have the facilities to detect a tumour before it eats the entire organs of the victim. Eventually you refer the patient abroad for further “check up” and a family is unable to raise the money for further tests abroad, because of lack of equipment in our country?

What will then happen, if one day you develop a heart attack and you are rushed to the hospital?
And there are no doctors on call? Or no didn’t you hear THEY ARE ON STRIKE (sounds familiar)
Thankfully, some nurses are idly chatting who can’t be bothered with you interrupting their gist gives you a bag of drip and asks you to find your square root? While they continue on the latest gist.. do I blame them

By the time your assistant is making arrangements to fly you abroad for treatment, its too late...

Remember the saying “a stitch in time”??

And then you ask the government for funds to equip the hospitals, they decide to deliberate on it. In the process of deliberating, they are spending millions and zillions of naira on stupid things that will not hold water tomorrow.
Providence forbids that one of you falls ill today and requires an urgent medical attention. (urgent in the real sense of the word that flying six hours to London or twelve hours to America or how many hours it will take you to fly to Germany or Saudi Arabia) by the time you get to your local hospital and you find out that there aren’t any medical equipments to take up your plight. Before you can think of procuring a medical visa, its judgement day for you…

The truth is, if they government can fix the education and health sectors of the country, the amount of income the country will generate at the end of the year. But, nay ijekuje has so eaten deep that they have forgotten there is a place called tomorrow, where the hunter will become the hunted... and where bush meat go catch hunter.

Remember, the wealth you may have acquired while in office and your constituent has no electricity supply (Problem Has Changed Name is another issue for another day) no form of clean water, no good roads, absolutely no basic amenities whatsoever. Please be reminded that you came into this world with nothing and with nothing shall you leave with.

What’s it going to be?
Renovate the hospitals and over haul the schools, the roads. ?
Provide the basic amenities for your citizens
Or you just gonna sit there and deliberate on this issue?

Every government should and must take pride in the happiness and welfare of her citizens.
The countries you go and dash out money are getting richer, while you are getting poorer and more myopic…

Oh, well this crazy girl rants again abi?
If only you can devote half an hour, reflect on this piece, think outside the box.
Look beyond the present
What future beholds the unborn child?

One day bush meat go catch hunter………
From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crasee babay
Still crazy after all these years

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