Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ximena writes a letter....

1. I, Iyalode of Ijeshashire , a child of God and a citizen of Nigeria greeteth thee citizens of this country especially the great Jonathaponious the ruler of aso-rock and the governor of the provinces of NASS

2. It has cometh to my knowledge in the land of zambazoosuu that thou spendeth money foolishly.

3. I heareth ASUU embarketh on a strike because ye cant affordeth to meeteth the demands of them.

4. Does thou knowest not that thou gamblest with the future of thy youths?

5. Or hasth the Herod of old dwelleth amongst thee again?

6. Or does that knoweth not that as thou goeth to war with ASUU thou givest room for chaos to develop? As the youths may taketh up devices of the devil and becometh something else to the kingdom. Does thou knoweth not that an idle mind is the devil's workshop?

7. Wait! I heareth that thou ordereth for 53 gold plated iphones to celebrateth thy forth coming independence? i shocketh, i sigheth, i shaketh my head.

8. Is thou welleth at all?

9. Has thou solveth ASUU issue and putted food on the tables of thy citizens. ? Or does thou knoweth not that “vanity upon vanity, all is vanity” .

10. God watcheth and seeth all that ye dideth and shall exposeth thee all in the open.

11. Thou lettest me down, does thou knoweth not that the money for the phones can feedeth and clotheth and sponsoreth and giveth a new lease of life to the orphans and the widows?

12. Thou buyeth iphones at the expense of the future of the youths of thy country?

13. Does thou knoweth not that if thou buyeth the iphones thou shalt chargeth it in thy land with no power supply? Does thou knoweth not that NEPA can decideth to bloweth thy original charger and fryeth the panel of the phone? As they are no respecter of phones and man.

14. And then shalt thou begin to scamper all around computer and GSM village like a goat on heat, Or does thou hopeth to exported damaged phones for repairs?

15. May God forbideth such lest the gold plated iphones putteth thee in gobe.

16. And now I pray thee that thou negotiateth with ASUU and reacheth an agreement and calleth off the strike as the strike remaineth unpleasant to I and others.

17. Thou shalt likewise sharpeth thy brain and forfeiteth the idea of iphones and continueth to useth thy kpalasa phone thou has been using from time immemorial.

18. Greet one another with a holy kiss.

19. I resteth my case.

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazybabe Stillcrazy after all these years. © Sept. 2013

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