Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Excuse me while i rant.

Excuse me while I rant But if you want to grumble go and jog round sahara desert then come back here, I will be waiting with a bottle of hot coca-cola of Life.

Where do I start from? My beloved country a land that once was calm and beautiful. It seems the centre no longer holds sef.?
The nation is no longer calm and sadly, some people haven’t gotten the memo that there’s fire on the mountain.
Where is the Nigeria of yesteryears? The Nigeria our parents loved and fondly talked about? The Nigeria our forefathers fought for?

Those who fought for our freedom must be rolling in their graves right now. The labours of our heroes past seems to be in vain. This is not the Nigeria they fought for? Who wants to fight for a country that is so ridden with corruption that I wonder how long it will take for them to legalize it sef?
A country that is as old as we are and after years of ‘independence’ we suffer from a chronic case of epileptic waraparicious power supply and somebody blames it on the winches? ( Abeg, free them winshes)
Like power supply isn’t an issue already, Boko Haram rears its ugly head and it is difficult for us to find a solution, but it is easy to pay an intelligence agency to spy on the internet activities of innocent ones like yours truly?
Boko Haram has been destroying lives and properties since God knows when and they are still gaining momentum. When are we going to deal with this boko Haram issue sef? Is it until they wipe out the entire nation? Or are you waiting for them to die a natural death?

Jesus Wept!!!

Maybe you don’t realize the magnitude of this wahala. Perhaps, you will when they cripple the economic activities in the north. Who knows you may just be on top of the situation and you are working towards crushing them in June. Except it was June of 2012 or is it 20-gbogboro Wake up who ever is in charge and smell the bongo tea.

Are you tired of listening to me rant? I just started..

As if this is not enough, ASUU is on strike and 40+ days later, we are frying puff-puff to mark the traditional 40 days outing service. Why?
It has gotten to a point that ASUU strike (ASK 340) is now a compulsory module and a course requirement for all undergrads. Shame!!! Oh btw, ASK340 --- means AsuuStriKe It has become a norm.
It seems your university education is incomplete without this course module. LE SIGH

Toh, After all has been ‘striked ‘and ‘struked’ our nearly done- half baked- medium rare graduates are thrown into the labour market. The market that never closes. How bad is that?
0 We deserve applause; so far we are going just great. Still trying to process this, behold another shocker!


As it is, it is the joy and life ambition of some perverted mentally derailed drosophila melagasta of a sorry excuse of a beast of no gender to marry a child. How real can you be? You feel comfortable marrying a child who is just discovering life and you make her a wife?
A huge responsibility like marriage on a child who doesn’t understand why y = 2x. But wait, have you given out your girl child (ren) in marriage(s) and you feel comfortable marrying one? If you don’t see any thing wrong in it, biko go and deep ya head in bar beach, you need liberation. And may God forgive you as you do so. Amen.
For what you are doing is man’s inhumanity to an innocent girl child.
Of course, I am just ranting. By the time you pipu will close this link, we shall forget all I have said.

Abeg , lemme go and look for cold coke to drink jare..
I cant come and go and kill myself..

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babay Still crazy, still normal and loving it... Ximena © 2013


naijahusband said...

I've been ranting and ranting myself. But I wonder how to channel the rants. are we really so powerless that all we can do is stand and watch?

Vicky said...

My dear you can rant again. I don't know what name to give to this whole thing. We have used our own hands to create circumstances we can't handle! If only this young generation would wake up, we can change from being a dysfunctional nation to "God-knows-who" of our dreams. Like the average Naija man would say - e go better!