Thursday, 11 April 2013


I am being mischievous, if you wanna rejoin this issue, I beg you first of all go and mop the bar beach then you can come back and preach , you have the floor

Has anyone ever wondered or is it just me why we hold elaborate parties for our dearly departed? AS in “the liveband-fightoverRiceandPoundedYam kind of party oh (and no party is successful without someone complaining about not being served).

If they don’t complain, you aint doing it right.

Back to my story:

Someone dies and we celebrate the life they lived before (whether or not it was worth emulating) Whether they stole money and built houses in Dubai or they stole money and did the Robin Hood approach. We sha must celebrate a life well spent?

Toh, was the life indeed well spent or well wasted???

I sha don’t understand when they say they are not celebrating the life of the person but that they are sending forth the person.

Edakun (Excuse me) , sending forth to where???

Help me out!!!

You are sending someone forth to the great beyond and you are here on earth wining and dining and you leave them in a box? If you are sending them forth, shouldn’t you provide them with some “items” to take along for the journey??

Items like kulikuli, ijebu gari, roasted corn, agbalumo, fried fish , tinco etc. Should you not send them along with their degrees, dips and certificates, just in case they find a more “promising “ job in the “great beyond”

And also, some good clothes too. Abi you want them to starve and be naked in the “great beyond”

And besides, they probably will need a job too.

Abi efe kin wo shonkpa losi great beyond ni ( you want them to go there empty handed? )

Another one that baffles me, someone dies ( as in somersaults and dies( soggingly lojiji ) suddenly and burial takes place within that week. And then aso-ebi is out already.

Were they waiting for the person to die ni?

And those people who sing and dance to “ile lonlo tarara” how sure are you that “ile lonlo tarara”

Ile (home) might very well be Hades Or it may be heaven When you people are busy singing and dancing to “ile lon lo tarara” and the person is in hell nko? Do you know how many curses they will be pouring out from the “great beyond” especially if you used the monies they left behind for the parry???

Small time you people will say someone is doing you.

Curse cant catch you ba?

I’m out
From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy baybay Still crazy after all these years © 2013


Naijawife said...

Let's just eat the rice and enjoy the send forth LOL

ximena said...

actually ma, there is still rice but no meat...