Monday, 23 September 2013


1. Brethen, I, Iyalode ,greeteth thee and I bringeth forth glad tidings of great joy.

2. I writeth thee this day oh ye people with the greatest of joy in my heart and hopeth within me that thou art well and not weary or languid or sore distressed.?

3. I heareth that the villa needeth more overlords to fighteth the battle before us.

4. As an overlord, thou shalt willingly and freely seteth P with any handmaiden thou so desireth in the villa.

5. I bringeth thee laws of how thou shalt becometh an overlord

6. Wherefore , I reacheth out to thee this day and giveth onto thee the Laws that thou shalt abideth by if thou so desireth to be an overlord.

7. And thou shalt arise from amongst the underlords and becometh an overlord, for thou shalt doeth exceedingly great things with thy overlord statutes.

8. Was Theophilopolos not an underlord? The god of twitter showeth forth his mercy upon him and upgradeth his overlord status and now he becometh an overlord and hath goneth into the world to preach the twitpel.

9. To becometh an overlord is not a moi-moi-th thing.

10. I prayeth thee that thou shalt understandeth that the battle to becometh an overlord is not a battle of the soft hearteth

11. For we wrestleth not against gari and gin, but against every force and evil in places that sayeth thou wilt not achieveth overlordness.

12. And for thou to becometh an overlord, thou shalt obeyeth the rules and hearketh to the rules I bestoweth on thee this day.

13. Thy subjects shall exceedeth 50 scores.

14. Thy subjects shall at any time cometh to thy rescue when thine enemies striketh thee with afflictive words.

15. Thou shalt knoweth when thou shalt set P and thou shalt not just set P but SET P.

16. Thou shalt haveth plenty retweets and throweth gifts of subs.

17. Thou must be an activist and rebel against thy governor and his entourage.

18. Thou must haveth swag and thou shalt be moutheth.

19. Thou must not be foundeth wanting and neither shalt thou be neareth “nkan-nbe-eth”

20. Thou shalt be under a robust anointing to knoweth when thou attaineth the grace of overlordness and also knoweth when thou goeth off tangent.

21. Wherefore, I beseech thee that thou pondereth and medidateth on these laws as they may be most expedient for thee.

22. May the peace of the Lord be upon thee, and may the goodness of being an overlord not departeth from thine clan.

23. Greet one another with a holy kiss.

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe. Still crazy after all these years. (c)2013. all shekpes reserved.


akinsoke said...

Thou shalt be carefulleth of the strictures thou delivereth before it bounceth back to youeth!

Bebe said...

Lol! Thou are very crazieth and funnieth! Thy jesting is priceless! :)

Petite Diva said...

You are seriously crazy o