Friday, 8 February 2013

letters to the valentinas as recorded in The Book of Love Chapter 14.

Jemimah and Ximena's letters to the valentinas as recorded in The Book of Love Chapter 14. (1) And thou shalt harken to the words of sense on this day.

(2)And it shall come to pass that on Valentine's day, excuses shall arise; Flat battery, I misplaced my phone, My BIS expired, Display picture on BB is refusing to change, My boss chose me for the trip, Traffic jams..etc. When thou seest these signs, be calm, keep thine heart in perfect peace and know that surely thou art not thine Boo's Boo.

(3)Do not let this revelation trouble thine heart, has the Lord not spoken? The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?"

(4)Rejoice, again I say rejoice, Ye hath not reached thy bus stop!!

(5) And behold a day shall cometh when thy boo-boo shall traverse at thy bus stop and thou shalt rejoice in thy heart with exceeding great joy.

(6) And that blessed day cometh when thou shalt leave thy father, mother and be united with the boo-boo thou meetest at the bus-stop and thou shalt dance and sing and be happy.

.(7) And so i pray thee, oh child that thou shalt invite ximena to partake in the celebration of ofada rice,odeku, ponmo and iyan as the Lord provideth for thee.

(8) In all thy gettings on this day, get understanding! (9)The Grace of God be with you.

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy baybay stillcrazy (C) Ximena 2013

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