Thursday, 6 September 2012


I understand that companies come up with means of rewarding consumers. Sometimes, it could be monetary or otherwise. If you are lucky you can win a million naira or in some cases a tear rubber ochala ride. In times past, people have also won realistic consolation prices of all sorts ( you cant win the car but you won the keyring. Yaaah) . I remember winning prices from cocacola and gold spot/limca. Well, that was some ol’ centuries ago sha. And recently, I was lucky to get some freebies from coke also- anyway that was that millionaire stuff they did earlier in the year. Do I like awoof? No, I decided to try it out and see if they were genuine after all these years. Thank God they still are. Now, all these telecoms companies have come with their own hocus- pocus rubbish. I can still understand etisalad abi is it etisalat’s win a phone ish; like yea, they can afford to give out some phones to their esteemed customers abi? Whether it is a dual sim phone, blackberry or blackboru , capsule or tablet or even a mobile gadget that looks like a baby monitor. They can afford to do that. Even if after all the noise they have made they give 10 blackberries, 20 dual sim phones and 1 capsule out to their customers. It’s not a biggie, guess with all the recharges here and here it was bound to yield some dividend at the end of the day. But MTN came up with their own 100 people , 100 hyundai promo- till date no one has or had won any car.( I am YET TO SEE, ) They had another promo of being a millionaire by subscribing to a number and answering questions. And each question was 10 naira per sms. Now for every 10 naira/ sms / subscriber, calculate the no of subscribers who would subscribe to this service. For example , 100million MTN subscribers spend 100 naira every day playing this ‘tete’. And they play it straight for 30days hoping ‘their luck will shine’. Calculate the money the subscribers have lost and how much MTN has gained. Oya do the math sharply. And yet, till tomorrow I am yet to see anyone win any 4 wheeler oh. That isn’t even the issue. And as if that was not enough MTN now decided to insult its subscribers with MTN WIN AN AEROPLANE!!!!! What sort of aeroplane? A battery operated remote controlled plane? Or an actual plane with controls and a cockpit and the hello control tower this is pilot xyz of flight vs222 approaching odongunyan airport abi ? Like seriously, you guys are gonna give out that plane? You didn’t even think of win a house promo? Win a land promo? Or even MTN PIMP MY HOUSE PROMO?!!!! Aeroplane loun loun. Even if someone wins it, where will they ‘park’ it. Inside their garage or their bedroom? Do you give out such freebies in south Africa abi na only 9ja awoof go run belle? do you really think Nigerians will fall for this gimmick? There are better ways to reward your subscribers, insulting them is not part of the deal because I am sure that until the Lord tarries, no one will win any aeroplane oh. Aeroplane ko,aeromplan ni! Psheeeeeeew Call me doubting Thomasine, Scream ohh ye ximena of little faith, believeth thou in Mtn and thou shalt fly like the Apollo 11. Please prove me wrong. let there be winners or even a winner. Let people speak of the goodness of MTN and the church will chorus a resounding hallelujah and I want to be there live when the winner(s) is/are giving their special testimony above sea level,. I want to be a witness AND NOT AS SEEN ON TV ’. And I hope if someone does win the aeroplane, they won’t wake up in shock to realise it was all a bad dream oh? As in serious GBELO- GBEBO! Just start singing aeromplane odabo! Aeromplane bye- bye From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazybabe. Still crazy after all these years (C)2012 XIMENA

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aeedeeaee said...

I think say na only me. That ad irritates the "oooooooooooomph!" out of me. Absolute rubbish!

I like airtel's rebuttal ad tho "this one no be like the other people own wey person fit no win eh?"

Made me laugh.