Friday, 4 May 2012

MY FRIEND JAMI(E)S I should have posted this a long time ago, well, better stale than sour ( hehehehe I just coined this)

They say dog wey no hear hunter voice wan lost. And so it is with my friend called Jami(e)s alabashe. Over skill and ojukokoro will be the end of this friend of mine. I told him to stop stealing oh, y’all know that God is against stealing and yorubas say who ever lies will steal. Small small sha mosquito bite will turn to malaria. When I was shouting this man is thiefing and stealing and robbing , nobody answered me and now that push has turned to shove they are disturbing me. Shebi his babalawo gave him fortification, go ye into the nation and steal from them. Local insurance premium covers you.

And I warned him oh, I said James, James , James farabale and steal this money oh. There were others before you and they never got caught oh. How is it that you alone want to have houses in each country in the world or have a fleet of cars. Friend mi James, this is ojukokoro oh. But no oh our friend thought he was wiser than king Solomon now . you sha want to have everything sha. Remember oh that some people are cursing you now that you are still alive and even in death when you are not an oloriburuku someborry .

When you die sef, heaven is not sure for you and even the devil (d dude with the horns on his fore head, a tail between his legs who wears the red tuxedo) will NEVER allow you any where near his hell. So you can come and steal his spoon abi? So you can imagine how unbearable it will be that you are neither here nor there. Now that oyinbo them haff dash you 13 years. Well, before you know it time will be up and ur lease will expire. So after all is jailed and serve, just remix p-square’s “ chop my money “ .

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe Still crazy after all these years

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