Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello people, yeah I know I’m been so inconsistent with my blog updates recently, vexeth not. Everything has changed am I am now (let’s leave it like that)

This post is to tell you of the transformation that’s gonna occur in my life and in the lives of those I may affect both cassavally and subsidically. You will have a breath of fresh air (not bros Js own , but the one and only ximena kan village geh kan’s own version)

Henceforth, we shall go on a diet and its called the cassava bread diet-------- cassava bread toh badt, if you eat it your life would never be the same again (May God have mercy). But I reject that diet in Jesus name . why? As for me and my household this 2012 , cassava bread is not my portion and Nigerians shall not live by cassava bread alone, but by lafun, garri ijebu either by soaking it as garuim sulphate and garnishing it with correct groundnut or making eba. Me, I sha reject cassava bread.

So any way, this 2012 I shall be unveiling a new me, I don’t need 1bn naira to feed or cassava bread. If I use 1bn naira to feed , I will start looking for money for gastric bypass and liposuction.

Olorun maje (God forbid or God catch winsh, same no ni)

Back to what I was saying sef My own transformation this year ehn, I will not carry last o. In this 2012, you shall see a new me, I will not remove subsidy on my life. Infact, I am not a redefined epitome of razzness. The old has surely passed away and behold a new me has been birthed (me, na evening skool I go o 4-7pm. So im not sure if the word ‘birthed’ is constructively and grammatically correct)

You will see me in my bling bling, over bleached skin (free tips on how to get this awesome skin rub relaxer all over ur body, leave for 20 mins, go to baba Sunday and ask for battery water, rinse thoroughly . apply any over the counter bleaching cream) , naturally blushed cheeks aka black/burnt cheeks---- no need for blush again yaaaaah…

Now I will start shewing shewing gum like ashawo ten kobo, And erm, I will be shouting on the top of my voice. Hence forth I will also like to be known as yeye awon razzcabal So if you see me drive by --------- holla at ya geh Peace out sorry I haff waka o God bless and nothing less.

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy girl Still crazy after all these years Ximena © 2012

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