Saturday, 3 March 2012

I am my own government

I, a citizen of Nigerian or so i am believed to think. When we were told don’t ask what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you. Sadly, how can we do anything for a country that has done nothing for us, I guess that saying has to be remodelled and rephrased. deep sigh

Or what can I, Ximena do for a country that has made no provisions whatsoever for my welfare. As it is right now the govt hasn’t made adequate provisions for our wellbeing. Basic Amenities that is the right of every citizen we have been deprived or simply put we produce ourselves,

There are so many Nigerians living way beyond poverty line as if that is not enough they decided to remove subsidy on fuel cos they are broke. More like we give you minimum wage and we take back our fuel subsidy. Apparently, they do not know the effect the removal of fossil fuel subsidy will have on d masses, here is a break down: let us assume Mr Chibuidum Subsidy earns 25K per month and you expect him to buy fuel at 141 naira/ litre. How do you expect him to survive when he has? 1 mouth to feed 2. School fees to pay 3, transportation cost to cover 4. Rents 5, medical expenses 6 Utility bills to settle A child who is ill and aged parents back in the village.

Now with d removal of subsidy, everything has increased geometrically and exponentially and sadly, his salary remains stunted. How do they expect him to survive on d same salary structure? If Nigeria is broke, it isn’t our fault. We provide everything by and for ourselves, including medicals and excluding the breathe of fresh air. Do can we even get free medicals in a public hospital, cos i am sure they will charge you for sitting on their plastic chairs in the reception.

If Nigeria is broke, cut off your excesses and your wasteful spendings, we were not a part of it in the first instance. We will not clean up your messes by making us suffer, Remove the subsidy on corruption cut out d unnecessary ,estacodes outrageous ssalaries of NASS and get rid of some Specially prepared specilia also known as Special Advisers since there is nothing special about their advices.

For a country that is still developing or in its “stage of nascent democracy “,(i love d word nascent... ) our senators earn well too much; let there be a principle of checks and balances. Let the senators earn 50k per month and let them feel d effects and I am sure they will come out with their own ~#occupythis.

You have provided nothing for us, why should we suffer for you. For a govt that hasn’t been prudent in her spending, how can we trust you with our oyeel-subsidy money?

Our senior citizens cry and groan over none payment of arrears, pensions and gratuity, sadly some struggle and die in d process. Why do you think we can trust you with our money ever again when you haven’t provided discounted bus fares for students and the over 60s? Medically we suffer. Our roads are not good and all we have got is the valley of the shadow of death.

How about security, police bullets n brutality strikes you by day and armed robbers’ machetes strikes you by night. A country that can’t boast of constant power supply. 2012 don come oh ( perhaps soundsultan should do a revised edition of his go buy candle song)

As it is I produce my own source of power supply ,my own source of water supply, the govt doesn’t feed me neither do they care if I live, eat or drink. I even go as far as providing my own security as I can’t even trust my life with the Nigerian police. (I no wan die for earth go collect query for heaven)

So don’t ask me what I can do for my government cos , I AM MY OWN GOVERNMENT

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