Sunday, 9 May 2010


Power outage/ black out what ever you call it these days at an international airport somewhere on earth. Immigration procedure and check in was at a stand still, this just reminds me of our own version of volcanic ash... yup.

If that can happen at an international airport, I wonder what the domestic airport would be going through. One would have thought that with all the money, airport tax, car parking tax, standing up tax, offloading tax, and the fine-you-pay-if-your-car-is-parked-wrongly tax and the awon-boys tax they could not afford to put a let-there-be light generator , mbok ( deep sigh).

Who is to blame for this? The power company will direct it at the government, the government will direct it and drop it at the doorstep of minister of airport, the minister of airport will direct it at who ever is beside him when he gets the query and the circle goes on and on. Everyone takes the blame, but no one professes the situation,

Sometimes, I think aloud according to the bible God said “let there be light and there was light and God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness (Gen 1: 3-4)

If God had decided that when he created the heavens and the earth that every continent will generate their own light, trust me when I say other African countries will unanimously decide to make Nigeria a continent. For what relationship has light with the dark


What could be the problem? Inability to pay the bills, which at this point is highly improbable? Or the usual excuse of either there was too much water in the dam, or the dam suddenly ran dry!!! Or yes, “blown transformer due to over loading”

Whatever the case, I feel so sorry for people with more than 3 luggages and I especially feel sorry for those guys who will manually carry the luggage. Forget the extra cash they get today, the pain will be directly proportional to the money but unfortunately, they cannot call in sick tomorrow!!

On the other hand, let’s thank God because the situation could have been worse like this

Pilot to air traffic control :
Pilot : This is cap hosama-obama flight vs222 to traffic control

Control room (c.r): This is controller awe

Pilot : Requesting permission to land

C. R : State your precise location
pilot: I am 10knots of the equator; ETA should be about approximately 5 mins, request permission to land on tarmac cows-were-seen-grazing

C.r : Permission for land---------- (nepa strikes) beep…static and suddenly an automated voice comes up saying
sorry for the break in transmission it was due to failure in --------------------
17 hours after contact with the control room

Erm, I am sure we will be singing another tune by now if that was the case.

If that can happen in an airport, I wonder what it would be like if a major operation is carried out on a “major person” and gbam major nepa strikes, and the dockitas, and d anaesthetist and d scrubs and the nurses all bring out their mobile phones?
Oh I almost forgot mobile phones are to be switched off at all TIMES. Kai, o ma se oh for the major man on that major surgery table

And you guys don’t see any future in this country?
Please light a candle and sing

I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am 2mrw future
I am the new inspiration

And we’ve got a song to sing to you
We’ve got a message to share with you

Do i have to come up with the solution…??
Ximena dey go sleep

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Calabarboy said...

ha ha ha...
I think one of the ingenuous inventions last decade was to make cellphones with
It became a fully functional resoirce in Naija!!! #LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!