Monday, 24 January 2011

dear jega-my niggar -LIKE THAT NO SUPPOSE DEY OH

Dear inec shairman, aka jega-my niggar
How far now ? I be see you and bros jay-jay for teefee I say make I holla atcha , na then nepa come carry light. (what a wicked world we live in).
I hia say una say make we wash hand before we go register ? which kain moshin una dey use sef? If my hands are dirty, the machine should be able to read my prints regardless, right? Like that no suppose dey oh.
Besides, water to some people has become an essential commodity and will only wash their hands before and after eating and also after answering the call of nature. The last I checked washing hands cos of legisration doesn’t apply.
Make we analyze am sef, say for the sake of argument I wash my hand before I leaf my ause, after I don walk 5 km to d nearest registration centre, my hand no go dirty?
Do you know how many people I will say hello to and shake their hands, people like
Sakiratu and secondus…
After shaking ten or more people would my hand still be clean ? or it would be cleaner—bros like that no suppose dey oh, you for just say make we use DAZZ wash hand nau.
If you still want our hands clean and void of dirty, perhaps you should supply water tankers to all registration centres and also accompany it with a trailer load on OMO , OMO SUPER BLUE OMO , SO “ na so so scent n aim all of us go dey scent” .

Again, you want people to turn our en-MASSE and register, please provide some gbedu for us, we can listen to oleku or scape goat while queuing like primary school pupils waiting to sing the nashunal aitem.
Oh and some people are tired of hearing “ heya battery just die nau”

From the archives of the mischievous imagination of a crazy babe

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Bomi Jolly - JollyNotes said...

Happy New Year:)! It's wonderful to see your face again=)! Wishing you all the very best this year and always!