Monday, 23 August 2010


from the borders of eritrea
to the oceans of newfoundland
my ancestors were bound
in balls and chains

great men they were
dragged aalong like animals
to a land that remained foreign to them

crossed the seas and oceans
and the oppressors whipped their buttocks
and spat on their faces
was there something wrong with their colours?
or was it the way they said their names?

why were this men evil and wicked?
was this man's inhumanity to man ?
why were they hated so ?
had someone sold them off for a bottle of coca-cola and a mirror?

how so can you treat them this way
babies, and children , the aged and the sick
men and women as bold and
beautiful as any of God's creation?

shackles as necklaces
cuffed they all were
in a single file as common animals
my ancestors were humiliated

from the bonds of depression
and the decades of oppression
in capacitated against their wills
my ancestors were sold to slavery

dragged round about the world
it was unreal

oceans and miles apart
a change of names they were given
some were separated at bay
a breastfeeding baby away from it's mother

in tears they worked
under the scorching sun , they persevered
some day , that day would come

the fields they ploughed till they wearied
at night they were fed stale bread and water
but they dare not leave
lest they get a bullet in the skull

the world was in bondage
they had to break the shackles of oppression
and chains of slavery
some day ,they will be free again
one day , any day , that day they will step foot on free land

and then one man fought so hard
for the abolition of slavery
in the end, he triumphed

and then suddenly the doors flunge wide open
the free breeze against their faces
alas, the sweet smell of freedom
free from all oppression
from the evil and vices of men

in deed- they were and are free
free spirtied
free born

finally , they were free - FREE AT LAST !!!

to commemorate the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.

copyright protected 23/08/2010

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