Thursday, 11 March 2010



For hours I was in labour
I pushed and pushed
I took a breath
I kept on pushing
Eventually my child came out
A new baby
A new beginning
A new future
A new hope
I nurtured
I cared
I protected
Everything a parent will do, I did
Until that morning you came
And slaughtered our children before our eyes
Our wives before us
You made us look like cowards
My sister was killed
My friend died
A child’s head was cut open
And you felt no remorse

This is the time when I should enjoy the fruits of my labour
Where my sons and daughters will thank me
But, nay, you slay them
And made me weep in my old age
And when the aged weep
The consequences are dire
The land has been desecrated
Because you have caused me to mourn
Because you burnt my sons and daughters

You shall mourn all the days of your life
For the rest of your years everyday will be a day of mourning
Disasters will be your portion
You shall have plagues upon you
Your homes will be destroyed
Your spouses will desert you
You shall have as an inheritance a leprosy of houses,
You shall be accursed in the town and in the country
Cursed shall be the fruits of your bodies
God will strike you down with consumption, fever, inflammation, drought, blight and shall pursue you to your ruin
You will never be anything but exploited and plundered continually and no one will come to your help
You will cast seed in plenty on the field in harvest time and the locust will devour it
All these curses will come up with you, pursue you and over take you
Because now I bury my sons, daughters,mothers,fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends
In my old age
As I grieve, you shall grieve in double portions


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain oh mother. Thy tears shall not be in vain. I join your mourning, perhaps we have together dance someday.

HexyDre said...

Its very very sad. May God's justice come swiftly on these evil people. Why? Nigeria, why?

crazychic said...

my heart is heavy, the tears flow freely.. let them feel the pains now i am old and weary and alone ..
may the experience in manifold quantities the pains these people have gone thru...may they be slaves to their enemies..
even the heavens are angry at such abomination...
may cancer be their lot


As the earth swallows up the tears that flows forth from the eyes of the mother whose children and entire household have been murdered, destroyed and cut off before she even gets to enjoy the fruit of her labour...surely, the evil perpetrators will suffer a million-fold for the blood of the 'innocent' that was shed.