Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Sometimes, the power of fear gives us the said determination to succeed. For instance, it’s the fact that u don’t want to be a failure u strife to succeed. FEAR OR DETERMINATION
We all want to achieve the unachievable, be successful in all we set our hearts on and most times step in to the shoes of great men or better still go where they never went....
Fear or determination sets us aside from others. We all have a future but something pushes us to succeed. I guess u can say it’s the determining factor of a success. Whatever drive it is, it pushes us to attain the unattainable. An iota of fear or a dose of determination takes us way above our sap strata.
I guess my motivation gave rise to determination and with a tinny whinny bit of fear has led me where I am now. And just a little nudge I’ll go far above my expectations and way beyond my sap strata. You might come to a point in your life where you think all seems bleak, void and there’s no point. You have come this far to realise that u can move further. Be determined u can make it.
What guides u?
Fear of failing and falling or the sheer determination to succeed,
I have been at cross roads and dead ends where I thought there’s no point ,turn back and forget it. I couldn’t; I have come thus far, why should I turn back. I’m half way towards achieving my goals it will be a wasted two way journey to go back .I analyse ,I weigh it and the distance back is directly proportional to the distance ahead of me .so i move on. I was determined or was it fear of failing?
In our journey we shall meet obstacles after all they say life is not a bed of roses. But u can turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones and go higher.
Whatever that drives you, just see it, hope it, hold on to it and believe it and it’s yours.
Let it take u where your destiny lies....
Until next time
Still yours still crazy after all these years

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